The blogosphere is full of top quality blogs about anything and everything under the sun. Below are lists of my favorites, divided into the following groups: SAUDI RELATED BLOGS; EXPATS & OTHER WORLDLY BLOGS; and TRAVEL, EATING & LIFE IN GENERAL. Here are my picks...

Photo Credit: Noushadart.com
- The Leading Arab Reform Website
Abdullah Alami,
Saudi Journalist
Alex of Arabia
American Bedu - former US Diplomat who was married to a Saudi (widowed)
Arabia Saudyjska - By the Polish Wife of a Saudi, in Polish!
Blue Abaya - A Scandinavian Princess in the Magic Kingdom
Burger Kingdom - funny blog written by an English English teacher in KSA
Crossroads Arabia - by a former US foreign service officer
The Desert Diary and Turkish Delight - adventures of a Canadian English teacher now in Turkey
Future Husbands and Wives of Saudis - Advice and Interesting Articles
Images of Saudi - An Outstanding Photo Blog of Saudi Arabia
Isla de Nebz - by a Filipino in KSA
Jeddah Blog - News, Information, and Happenings in Jeddah
Jeddah Daily Photo Journal - Susie of Arabia's PhotoBlog
JeddahFood.com - Restaurant Guide
Jeddah Vision - a blog for Jeddah photos
Marahm - Remembering her time in KSA
Mideast Posts - The Voices of the Middle East
My World and More... - The Plain Truth from a Saudi Woman
My Kaleidoscope World - by Mighty Dacz, Filipino in KSA
Naeem's Blog - Funny Pakistani Guy living in KSA
Nidal M Photography - A blog about photography in Saudi Arabia
Omaima Al Najjar - Young Saudi Nursing Student Speaking Her Mind
The Pan Arabian Enquirer - A hilarious satirical news source of Middle Eastern countries
Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things - See if you can spot the Muslim or not
Qusay Today - Reflections of a Young Saudi Man
The Religious Policeman - Inactive Blog but Worth Reading the Old Posts
Riyadh Bureau
Sabria's Out of the Box - Saudi Journalist working on her PhD in England
Saudi Aggie - an American student at KAUST
Saudi Alchemist - a Saudi student in Portland
Saudi Children Left Behind - Stories of children abandoned by their Saudi fathers.
Saudi Jeans - News and Opinion on Hot Topics in KSA
Saudi Life - A Look at Different Aspects of Life in KSA
SaudiMajix - On Life as a Young Saudi Man
A Saudi Woman's Voice - Interesting Words from a Saudi female professor
SaudiWoman's Weblog - Always Right on the Money!
Save the Women! - A Western Wife of a Saudi Daring to Speak Out
Stranger in This Dunya - Good Recipes and More from a British Expat Wife in KSA
Takin' a Magic Carpet Ride - Expat Staci writes an entertaining blog about living in Yanbu
Tea and Other Good Things - Poetry and Tales from the Eastern Province
That Jeddah Podcast - fun interviews and happenings around Jeddah
Toot - Highlights of Middle East Blogs
Under the Abaya - An American Girl Trying to Survive in Saudi Arabia
Veeds of Arabia - An Arizona Educator has now left Riyadh for Cairo


Photo Credit: Noushadart.comThe Accidental Theologist
Ammena's Adventures
Beirut Drive-by Shooting
Between two worlds.....
Clouddragon (Holland)
Common Ground - Stories of Positive Change in the Middle East and North Africa
The Confessions of a Multicultural Muslimah 
Cuentos de Ecuador
Expats Blogs - An Experience Shared
Ghada's World
Jen Jenqld
KhadijaTeri (Libya)
Life in These United States
Mahmood's Den
Michael J. Totten
Muscat Confidential (Oman)
My Lebanese American Life
My Marrakesh (Morocco)
Tenerife Journal by CanaryBird
TRAVELS & INSIGHTS: The View (Far) From Tyre


Photo Credit: NoushadArt.comAafke, Horses, and Art (Holland)
Adventurous Women
Arabic Bites
BlogHer - ExPats Blog about Food
Chickens on the Porch
Coolreds Rant
Create Fun and Mess (Australia)
DeSeRt RoSe's BoOkLoGuE
JeddahFood.com - Restaurant Guide
Just Hungry - List of ExPat Food Bloggers
Musings (by Kay in Hawaii)
Musings (by Yoli in Florida)
The Pioneer Woman - Cooking, Photography and Great Entertainment
Postcards and Coasters
Prêt à Voyager
Roaming Tales
The Skoog Farm Journal
The Sole Sisters Collective
Velvet Brick

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