Sunday, May 23, 2010

Street Terrorism in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia ranks dead last in the entire world in traffic safety. It has the highest number of deaths due to traffic accidents of any country in the world. This short video makes a huge impact. The statistics speak for themselves and are very grim indeed. This reaffirms my position in support of women being given the right to drive here: Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that prohibits women from driving, yet it ranks solidly at number one for the most traffic accidents and deaths. To me, there is WAY too much testerone on the roads here.


  1. OMG! I hardly know what to say Susie. Who produced this and will the SA people actually see it? There is Definitely Way too much testosterone on those roads. And although I support women's right to drive I'm not sure this is the right argument for it.

  2. You seem to have highlighted this problem quite a few times. I wonder whether there are any road safety intitatives being introduced by the government / king because the problem has evidently gone beyond bounds and the rulers need to be petitioned about this immediately.

  3. Actually lately there have been some pretty graphic public service spots on television promoting safer driving here. They are quite dramatic and evoke a lot of emotion. I have seen more traffic police presence and have even seen cars being pulled over, which I never saw before. One of the biggest lifesavers would be to convince the people here about the value of seatbelts and how their use directly correlates to saving lives.

  4. Susie!

    I have been in Japan, down with a bad back, and have just now caught up on reading all the blogs (every single post) that I've missed.

    Please know that I am so delighted your husband had great success with his surgery and is on the road to recovery. My traveling companion had two stints put in within two weeks of our return. Her comment was that being forced to lie on her back for hours so that the femoral artery wound would heal was the most agonizing thing she had done. Her back was throbbing when she was finally allowed to sit up.

    Love your mug shot! You have the most gorgeous green eyes.

    I'm wondering if you really want to be among the test cases for women drivers in KSA. If that were the rule for several years, it would be safer than hopping in a car now with all those accidents just waiting to happen. I can see why Adnan is worried about that. As to your right to drive - of course you should. Couldn't possibly be any worse than the male record. Maybe they are afraid of the comparison?

    I find the Doc's humor juvenile. And "earthquakes due to women not dressing modestly"? Believing in absurdities doesn't help anyone. Many countries in Africa follow matrilineal descent where property and name follows the female line.

    Your photos are such a treat. Thank you again for taking the time to show us the beautiful place in which you live.


  5. Susie, what about this?

    Have you seen this?

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    Thanks all! and Thanks Susie!

  7. Yeah Susie, this is a serious problem we are facing in Saudi Arabia. In my own family, we had about 9 accidents for the past 2 months which is just too much !

    I feel really sad , laws aren't strict and Wasta is also another serious problem too that makes change slower. For instance, if I am a powerful person and my brother or any family member was caught by the police I will pick up the phone and call police and he will be freed right away. Can you imagine how hard is that?

    The problem is that we have conspiracy for things to remain the same (unchanged) !

    Laws must be strict and everyone must follow the rules without distinctions.

    one of the many things I like about the U.S laws is the strict and just police there. If Michelle Obama crossed the traffic light she will be arrested as well as if a teenager in Jersey did it ! That is really wonderful, I hope our country will change ...

  8. There must be a way to blame the west for this…how many of these cars are made in Japan?

  9. It is a fact there is almost nobody in saudi who has not lost a loved one in a car accident.
    The bloke who did this video made it because he lost somebody he was close to.

    Maybe they should turn things around: take the men off the road and let the women drive. I am sure that would bring down the accident number greatly!

  10. I had no idea the statistics were that bad in Saudi Arabia!

  11. Nice post connecting this issue with the issue of women driving. I had written a post on this excellent video as well. It supports yours and the other hypotheses here, and gives more of the background research into the problems and proposed solutions.

    Saudi Takes the Gold! In MVA's, RTA's, Car Accidents/ Injuries/ Fatalities

    I'm glad to read in your comment above that the public education campaign is well underway in the media!

  12. I have seen many police men pulling people over for not wearing seatbelts. One of them even pulled my friend over when i was in the car with him, because his shirt was the same color as the seat belt, the policemen couldn't tell if he was wearing it or not. I definitely think, given a chance, this country has great potential to become a very modern and powerful nation.

  13. Majed,

    Well, it could be true that Saudi Arabia ranks first in the world for deaths due to traffic accidents.
    But, for sure not due to too much testosterone rather than lack of ambulances specially air ambulances which is the only way to cover all those long highways with sometimes nearest village is hundreds of Kilo meters away while every seconds counts and is matter of life and death to victims ,most traffic accident victims bleed to death while waiting for medial attendance which takes hours to arrive as far as i know there is absolutely now air borne medical center of traffic accidents unless you are somebody i know many poor countries dont have air ambulance but saudi arabia is not some poor country.

  14. Hi Susie,
    Thanks for translating this to english. The guys have done AMAZING job putting forward the seriousness of the problem. As you can read form the comments many people are not aware of the problem , that is why I started foundation after my sister's death last year. The Gulf as a whole is suffering from this issue and this can be stoped by changing the attitudes of the drivers.