Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TRUE CRIME: Daring to Drive!

SCENARIO: A woman makes plans to go to the mall with two of her girlfriends. They decide to meet up at her house, chat for a bit, and then the three of them gather their purses and are out the door for a fun trip to the mall.

The three women get into the car and buckle up. The woman behind the wheel checks the vehicle's mirrors, makes sure she is clear to pull out onto the road, and proceeds with caution, blending into traffic seamlessly.

Suddenly flashing red lights and sirens ascend on the car. The driver of the car is removed from the car and detained by the police.

Her crime? DRIVING!

Scandalous! Horrors! Where else in the world but Saudi Arabia is this considered a crime? Where else in the world would an incident like this make the news? When will this infringement on Saudi women's freedom end?

The latest episode in the continuing saga of Saudi women's quest for the right to drive - this Arab News article details the crime of another Saudi woman caught DARING TO DRIVE!


  1. It is all hard to belleve - thanks for keeping us informed Susie - and good luck to these women - they are brave, strong, women who deserve basic rights.

  2. I dont think these women will achieve much if they dont get their men on board. If they are driving then Allah knows best but it might help to have a male guardian in the car. The reason? To show that there are men standing up for this.
    Its no use men coming out and supporting about it when they wont support their own women driving

  3. NPR had an interview yesterday about women drivers in Saudi Arabia. I forgot who the official was who spoke but he said it was time for women who want to drive to be allowed to, and those who don't should also have that choice. He also said the Saudi Arabia of 2011 is very different to that of 2000.

  4. Crazy, crazy. Glad I live in the UAE. However I've just had a friend move to Borneo - she's not allowed to drive there either.