Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Women Can't Drive

This is another satirical video created by fellow blogger Aafke, a talented Danish artist. While Saudi activist Manal al-Sharif was released from jail as of yesterday - she was arrested and jailed for driving a car in Saudi Arabia where women are forbidden from driving - this video is relevant in highlighting the absurd reasons given for not allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia and supporting the cause of lifting the ban. Thank you again, Aafke.


  1. My pleasure Susie!
    And thank you for posting my video :)

  2. Excellent tribute to a brave woman.

    Brilliant work Aafke...

  3. hi susie - I follow your blogs with pleasure and I have noticed that you are back in the States helping your son graduate H.S. I hope that is going well - best wishes on it. I thought of it because my son just graduated. A big milestone! Good luck to you and your son.

  4. i find the lady in France who got arrested just for wearing a cloth on her face just as brave! :D

    For change to happen, things like this need to happen too

  5. Nice video, if a bit slow. Love the hairy ankles! ;)

    I would be surprized if it made any difference, however. It would take a mass-movement of most of Saudi’s women to demand their rights. They do not appear to be ready yet.

    Susie if you are back in the States, will you be returning to the kingdom?

  6. A modest proposal since women can ride camels it could be interesting if a group of women decide to ride camels in different cities around the KSA maybe during peak hours