Saturday, November 7, 2015

From Saudi Woman: F.A.Q. About the Saudi Women Driving Ban

My friend and fellow blogger, Eman Al Nafjan, AKA Saudi Woman, has written this blog post to answer frequently asked questions about the women's driving movement in Saudi Arabia, which began 25 years ago.  In 2015 Saudi Arabia still remains the only country in the whole world that denies women the right to drive. 

This post has been Reblogged.  It was originally posted on Saudiwoman's Weblog:

Today, November 6th, is the 25th anniversary of the first protest against the women driving ban in Saudi Arabia.

On this occasion, it’s apt to answer all those questions Saudis usually get when the ban comes up:

Why is there a ban on women driving?
Any answer is pure speculation. The government arrests and/or punishes not only women who drive but also anyone who attempts to raise this issue. Simultaneously, all official statements concerning the ban relate it to be a societal issue that the government does not want to interfere with. The Minister of Foreign Affairs insisted that it is a societal ban and not governmental when asked by British journalists in 2007.

It has no basis in religion. Even the most extremist interpretations of Islam such as ISIS’s do not ban women from driving. Even if an Islamic reason is forced, that does not lead to a government…

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