Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shopping Malls of Jeddah

One of the few things that women can do here in Saudi Arabia outside the home is shop. Consequently Jeddah is bursting at the seams with the newest craze in the whole shopping experience: "destination malls." Saudi Arabia is a shopper's paradise. The real bargains to be had are at the old souks, and shopping there is a fascinating cultural experience. But on the other side of the cultural coin are the most modern and upscale shopping malls one can imagine. Almost all of these unbelievable malls have a full-scale amusement / entertainment park, fountains and other water features, and separate men's and women's facilities for prayer conveniently located right inside. Several of the malls offer ice skating. The reason for these destination malls, of course, is because shopping is just about the only family activity to do here in Saudi Arabia, besides going to the homes of other members of the family. There are no movie theaters here. Sports are mostly for men only - women aren't even allowed on site just to watch their sons or husbands play! And, if women play a sport, only women can attend. There are also no concerts here either. The only activity where men and women actually can come into "limited" contact with each other is shopping.

As I've said before, many Saudi women here have maids, nannies, cooks, and drivers. So if a Saudi woman wants to go shopping, she just gets the driver to take her to a mall with her kids and the nanny in tow. In general, she gives the nanny money to keep the kids entertained and fed while she leisurely goes on her way shopping. The driver, in the meantime, either waits outside the mall, congregating with all the other dozens of drivers who are waiting, or he might be sent on errands for the mistress of the house, coming back later to pick up the family when summoned.

Of course I haven't been to every mall in Jeddah yet. You've heard that saying: So Many Malls, So Little Time! I wouldn't be surprised if it was written to describe Saudi Arabia. But the malls I have been to are quite impressive. Many chain stores similar to the states, like Limited Too, MotherCare, Nike, and Adidas can be found in many malls. Food courts include the likes of Cheesecake Factory, Cinnabon, Starbucks, Crispy Creme, Tony Romas, On the Border, McDonalds and Burger King, among others.

The women shoppers all wear the requisite floor length black abayas. Men shoppers are either dressed in the traditional long white dresses called thobes, topped off with the red checked scarf (shemagh), or they might CHOOSE to wear jeans and a T-shirt. Yes, you see, men here have a CHOICE of what THEY can wear to the mall! Mall employees like sales clerks, cashiers, store managers, security, and all the other positions available are all filled with ONLY MALES. Women are not allowed to work in the malls in these capacities; however, I have seen some women mall employees who clean the women's restrooms, and for clarification, these are not Saudi women.

One thing that takes some getting used to is that most of the malls all open in the morning at 9 or 10am, but many of the shops close by about 1pm and don't re-open again until 5pm. You can find a few stores in the malls open in between those times, but they close for at least half an hour or more for each of the prayer times. Shoppers can pray at the malls or just hang out until the stores open back up for business. I guess you could consider it a forced rest period for those who like to shop until they drop!

The newest and largest mall in Jeddah is the "MALL OF ARABIA." With 330 stores and restaurants occupying three levels, a covered parking garage, quiet lounges, huge spectacular restrooms, and unusual architectural details, plus a full scale amusement park, this ultra-modern mall is phenomenal. It recently opened but parts of it are still under construction, including a Snow Village, where visitors will be able to frolick in the snow year round. Plans are also in the works to open two hotel facilities right at the mall as well. One of the anchor stores of the mall is called Geant, a beautiful French chain store similar to Super Target with shiny wide aisles and a large selection of products. The mall has a nautical theme and makes you feel as though you're on a cruise ship. There is a huge glassed-in open area with spacious comfy seating and large screen TVSs secluded from the shops. The Mall of Arabia also offers a variety of hands on workshops like cooking, magic, puppet shows and theater that are geared mostly for kids. Shopping at the Mall of Arabia is an experience unto itself.

Another beautiful, large new mall that opened within the past year is the spectacular "RED SEA MALL," anchored by a popular chain store called Danube. This tri-level mall even has trams that carry customers around the mall. It has eighteen entrance gates, impressive fountains and huge aquariums, and 4000 parking spaces. It too offers a complete family amusement area on site and a lovely food court. The Red Sea Mall has a special club for kids which schedules kids' events, has face painting, and other entertainment.

Heraa International Mall is an enormous bright and shiny single level mall with about 240 stores and offering a food court and an extensive children's playground. Its numerous arched entrances are adorned with yellow smiley faces, which is eye-catching but I think it looks a little cheesey. But once inside, it is a shopper's haven with an abundance of stores to delight anyone, including Laura Ashley, Diesel and Mothercare.

Jeddah Mall is a smaller, more intimate mall, but lovely none the less. Several floors circle around and look down upon a lower level food court dining area, complete with bridges, fountains, waterways, and lighted palm trees interspersed amidst the tables.

Roshan Mall is another of the destination malls of Jeddah. It is so big I still haven't seen all of it and I've been there several times. One of its anchor stores is HyperPanda, similar again to Super Target in the states. It also has a popular family entertainment and amusement area, and a big underground parking garage.

The malls here are incredibly amazing and there are just too many to mention all of them. Some other favorites are Aziz Mall, Mega Mall, Sultan Mall, Tahlia Mall and Al-Mahmal Mall, which is located in downtown Jeddah. At the present time, there are at least two other enormous destination malls under construction that I know of which will be opening in the next few months.


  1. Hi Susie,

    I love your blog and I follow it assiduously.

    I realize you've just done an interview online - but would you be willing to do another one by any chance?

    I manage, a website for women travelers. I think my readers would be thrilled to learn about your life and your blog.

    If you feel this is something you might be willing to do, please contact me by filling in the form on You can see my interview page at

    I hope to hear from you - I would just love to have you on my pages! There's no rush - and my interview wouldn't be as long, as you can see from what I've already published.

    Until then, all the best, Leyla

  2. assalamu alaikum

    While it's easier to get a visa to UAE than to KSA, Emirates are more famous world wide as a paradise for shoppers. We've a lot of beautiful malls and still many more are being built.

    Recently I heard that the malls in Riyadh are even more impressive than those in UAE. Can't wait to see... inshallah :)

    One of the reasons for malls being popular is the hot climate of the Gulf that does not allow many out door activities. While in the mall there's AC which makes it comfortable to spend a lot of time there all year around.

  3. How interesting! I thoroughly enjoyed this post and the pictures.

  4. wow, thanks for your description of these malls. Personally i would rather check out the souks :D for the bargains.. I wonder if you can get long skirts easily in the big malls there seeing as it seems they are filled with mostly 'western' shops that dont sell long skirts!!! Insha'allah i will one day get to visit to check it out for myself :D

  5. Hi Scribetrotter -
    Thanks so much - I will send you a private email. You made my day!

    Hi Asel -
    Yes, I think if it were easier for the average person to gain access to the Kingdom, Saudi Arabia might be known as a shopper's haven. Hopefully I'll make it to the UAE one of these days and check out the great shopping there!

    Hi Achelois -
    Thanks for stopping by - glad you liked it.

    Hi Adventurous Ammena -
    I have seen lots of long skirts in the malls here. They have pretty much everything...

  6. Nice post and quite surprising for me!
    Now you should make a plan to come to the UAE!

  7. Great post! This trend toward destination malls is even making its way toward the Levant. Kuwait, of course, has many similar malls, one of which I couldn't see all of because of its massive size (The Avenues--with 8 planned Starbucks, an Ikea, and various other US stores!) Last summer in Beirut, we went to one of the newest malls near the Dahiyeh (a very poor suburb mostly known for being run by Hezbollah), and this mall was amazing! Several levels including two amusement park-like areas for kids of different ages, a food court with all the US franchises you can think of, as well as many US and European stores. Of course, there isn't room in a city like Beirut for the mall to be as massive as some of the ones in the Gulf. Funny thing, too, was the variety in dress--some women in full abaya (from the gulf area or in chador because of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah), to women in the tiniest skirts, tightest pants, or whatever they can possibly squeeze their liposuctioned-selves into!
    Very interesting!!

  8. Hi--I lived in Abu Dhabi for five years and I found it sad and disappointing that the old downtown souk and the old Iranian souq (al mina) were done in by malls. I was happy never, never to go to a mall
    for three years after I left Abu Dhabi. Malls world-wide are big and soulless. I hope I can live in Jeddah for the few months before I move to Thuwall and never set foot in a mall!

  9. I read your blogs all the time and so enjoy hearing updates on your new life there. The title of your blog, “Big Adventure” sure is appropriate – I’ve learned so much about the geography, culture, etc., and you’ve done a terrific job with the web page. I’m so impressed!

  10. It seems these elaborate malls provide the genders an opportunity to interact socially and be entertained like they can't out on the streets. Could be a tiny step in cultural change.
    Yet how nice for you to have some familiar store types and resturants.
    It doesn't look very busy, did you try to avoid people?

  11. It is strange to see that so much money is invested into materialism and consumerism. As a Muslim, I thought that our religion teaches against letting the material things of this world become such a distraction in our lives. I wish they would invest more money into museums, theatre and the arts. Is this the only pastime that these people have? Shopping? Sorry, but these are just my gleanings based on what I have read from many blogs (from Saudi, Dubai, etc.) I would like to think that I am wrong.

  12. Hi Susie,
    I've just recently started following your blog and am totally fascinated. We went to DHS together some (I won't tell how many) years ago and it is wonderful to hear about your life. You are an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing. Please take care and keep sharing.
    Margaret aka desertrat

  13. Hi Susie!
    I was so surprised to see how beautiful the malls are! And so many! I had no idea that 'shopping' was such big business, so to speak. So bright, so colorful...and even with shops from here. Thanks for the trip - and I didn't spend a dime! : ))

  14. Crap, it looks like a 4-star hotel.

  15. I'm impressed with the beauty of the malls, but I feel there's a limit to shopping. Do you miss movie theaters and museums and plays?

  16. "I wish they would invest more money into museums, theatre and the arts. Is this the only pastime that these people have? Shopping? Sorry, but these are just my gleanings based on what I have read from many blogs (from Saudi, Dubai, etc.) I would like to think that I am wrong."

    Was thinking the same thing. I was recently perusing a blog of a woman who had just arrived in the UAE and the first couple of posts about what she had done and what she had seen since she got there revolved entirely around shopping, whether in malls or in souks. Sounds a bit boring if you ask me. How much shopping can a grown woman possibly do?

  17. Hi AbuDhabi Blogger – I would think there must be fantastic malls in your area too. I’d love to come to see for myself one day!

    Hi Ajnabiya – I can see this trend of “destination malls” happening everywhere. The problem is, they all tend to seem the same after you’ve been to a few. That’s what’s so great about the old souks – so much more interesting and you really get the flavor of the place!

    Hi Sirius – Wow! I didn’t realize that – what a shame!

    Hi Les – Thanks so much for your comments – it means a lot to me. I’m so tickled to hear how much you enjoy my blog.

  18. Hi Gaelyn – You are absolutely right – and with BlueTooth technology, the guys and gals communicate, flirt, exchange information, etc. However, the religious scholars are not happy about it and have even tried to ban mobile phones with cameras! Many of the photos were taken during prayer times, so the shops are closed and look somewhat deserted.

    Hi SabiWabi – I feel the same way you do. I find it amazing there is so much emphasis on this as well. Unfortunately, this is practically the only activity here that families can do together as a family. Men and women are so strictly segregated that any other event can only be attended by only men or only women, but not both. In my eyes, this attitude discourages a lot of cultural events from occurring here at all. This segregation of the sexes is carried to such an extreme here. It creates an absence in the culture and arts here that is glaringly lacking. Very sad indeed.

  19. Hi DesertRat/Margaret – Ok, I can think of several “Margarets” I went to school with! I am so happy to hear from you, whoever you are! I’d love to hear more about you and your life now! Please email me at:

    Hi Velvet Brick – So glad I could share this aspect of life here with you. Thanks for commenting!

    Hi Cory - … and one is more spectacular than the next one!!!

    Hi Gutsy – Absolutely! My son and I especially miss going to the movies. I have been to one play here – in fact I did a post on it called “Head Over Heels” - my son is always upset that he and I can’t go places together like we used to all the time. It’s sad.

    Hi Anonymous – It DOES get boring living here. That’s why I spend so much time on the computer. Thank goodness I have other hobbies as well. Women’s lives here are very boring – we have to find ways to overcome the boredom that are within the limitations that we are bound to. We don’t go to the malls very often, so it is a big thrill when we DO go. I’m content just to look – I’m not really the kind who has to have everything I see. I often go home empty handed, but just excited that I have been OUT of the house! It’s sad, isn’t it?

  20. I always forget about the gender segregation factor....duh.

    I can't imagine not being able to attend museums and be able to appreciate them with my whole family.

    One day they'll get it right, Insha'Allah. Eventually everyone gets sick of "the mall", no matter how "sparkly" it is.

  21. Sounds like the ideal place to max-out my credit card!Thanks for a smile to beat the winter blahs.

  22. I love to go to the souks in jeddah . I remember my grandaughter running across the water in oasisi mall . Jeddah has changed a lot at least it has its souks . Uae has no real souks . Plenty of malls

  23. you document everything so well.

  24. Hi SabiWabi - I hope you're right!

    Hi Always - You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by...

    Hi Noora - I am so intrigued by the souks myself. I always see things I have never seen before!

    Hi UmmAdam - Thanks so much!

  25. great blog! btw, are you a Muslim?

  26. Hi Susie, I didn't mean to sound so harsh about malls but they lose their charm quickly. When I was in Abu Dhabi I was never bored but I have lots of active interests--tennis,camping, hiking, learning arabic, knitting--and luckily for me
    I even found a job the last year in Abu Dhabi. I am concerned about the constraints of Saudi. I love Arabia and the people--I just don't like hot weather! We made friends from all over the world and since my husband is a doctor and I am a nurse our patients and colleagues were emirates which was fabulous--we made friends for life.
    There is an adjustment coming home as well. I remember landing in Dubai in August and thinking it was foggy and must be cool--but it was humidity and it was over 100 degrees at midnight--. It is foggy
    here near Seattle now and it is cold! About 38 F. I wish I could send you some cold fog and rain!

  27. Hi Susie,

    I'm thinking this obsession for everything-under-one-roof absolutely huge malls has something to do with the extreme heat here for most of the year. I can't see myself taking the kids out for a walk in the open air in the summertime, but airconditioned malls seem a whole lot more bearable.

  28. Hi Anonymous - Let's just say I am learning about Islam...

    Hi Sirius - No problem! It's not so easy to camp or go hiking here, especially in the warmer months. There is really not much in the way of outdoor activities, especially for women. Not like there is in the Seattle area!

    Hi Sabaa - You are so right. AC is so much more practical than being out in the heat.

  29. Mall of Arabia sounds like Mall of the Emirates - the one with the indoor ski resort (yuck nothing worse than being in a giant freezer). Personally, I hate big shopping Malls because I waste all of my time walking around trying to find or reach the shops I want instead of actually shopping, so usually end up leaving empty handed.

    On the bright side, movie theatres are allowed here - the main reason I like to go to a mall is to see a movie.

    Cheesecake factory - yum - I haven't seen one of those here yet but, as I stated before I avoide the mega malls so maybe there is one that I have not seen. My biggest disappointment was when we finally got Krispy Kreme only for me to discover that they do not have the lemon filled doughnuts - and meanwhile the one back home went out of business.

  30. It's fascinating to read about your new life. I can't imagine living in such a hot place. I confess I prefer cold, which you can dress for, over hot. ;-)

  31. hi, Susie, my name is Sisley, studies in melbourne, australia. your blog is extremely awesome and i just can't stop reading! i am Taiwanese and my boy friend is from saudi arabia. we love each other so much. after half year, he told me he has to split up with me, even this decision really breaks his heart. because the law of saudi arabia prohobits them to get married with foreigner. he doesn't wanna waste my time anymore. susie, please tell me it's not true! i always believe that there must be some ways can solve this problem. we just spend so much good time together and i'd like to be a muslim! i didn't find too much information about the law. after i read your blog, i think you are just like a light tower for me. dear susie, i am so sorry to leave such a long story here. i do appeciate your reply....thank you...

  32. I hate malls. Hate them. But these are cool. There is so much to do besides shop. I'm astounded at frolicking in the snow (what are people wearing while doing that?) and the amazing decor. WONDERFUL post!

  33. Hello! I lived in Bahrain off and on over the course of several years. I loved it! I made it to Saudi once. Loved it! Now I'm married to a farmer and I live in Scotland. I love it! :-) I don't do much traveling now but I'm glad I did while I was single. One day maybe I'll make it back to the Middle East.

    Oh, I'm American too BTW ~ though everyone thinks I'm Scottish hahaha!

    I'm always looking for pen pals and I'd love to nab a few from the Middle East. Any takers?

  34. Hi DesertMonsoon - It would make me happy if we had movie theaters here!

    Hi EG and Sandy - Thanks for your comments!

    Hi Sisley - I've responded privately to you.

    Hi Louise - I'm sure they'll wear what people wear to the ice skating rinks - if it's any different once they open that section, I'll let you know!

    Hi Coffee Cath - Hope you get some takers. I have responded to you personally.

  35. hi susie
    how are you?
    i'm still enjoy your wonderful sharings~
    but sorry i didn't find the private respond you've sent to me.
    would you mind send it to my mail: again, please?
    thank you soooooo much...

  36. Wow...great shopping mall!Looks very beautiful!

  37. Hi Susi ,
    There are other activities that women can do just i guess most of the public doesn’t know about them or have no access.

    For example one of the best diving sits on the world (Second to none in the middle east )
    Many historical sites ,art expiation ,health and youga clubs .Two of my favorites are going to the beach and visiting nearby forest on Taif – Baha highway I love the rose berry there .

    The beaches in Jeddah have different policies regarding western swing cloth (Bikini ) so you need to check which one aloud and which doesn’t (of course according to your believes .

    Also if you like some adventure I suggest Jeddah aviation club (women allowed) where you can do sky diving

    Below some useful links :

  38. Hi Susi ,
    There are other activities that women can do just i guess most of the public doesn’t know about them or have no access.

    For example one of the best diving sits on the world (Second to none in the middle east )
    Many historical sites ,art expiation ,health and youga clubs .Two of my favorites are going to the beach and visiting nearby forest on Taif – Baha highway I love the rose berry there .

    The beaches in Jeddah have different policies regarding western swing cloth (Bikini ) so you need to check which one aloud and which doesn’t (of course according to your believes .

    Also if you like some adventure I suggest Jeddah aviation club (women allowed) where you can do sky diving

    Below some useful links :

  39. Lovely to know about UAE malls! Susie i am from India and i loved ur blogs! I want 2 visit immediately!

  40. Hi Susie, I'm a spanish woman living in Jeddah since May. I like reading your blog, there are a lot of interesting things to learn... you make such a lot of things!!!! I would like being like you but now, whith this hot and humidity, for me it´s impossible to go out, sometimes I think I'm going to die...
    Please keep writting for us.

  41. Salam Susie,
    My name is Hanan and i live in the us where i live its 6:23 am right now i havent slept all night im feeling very home sick i was born and raised in jeddah and i miss it very much and i was watching videos of the flood which was very bad i hope you and your family are ok! i really miss it back home and i jus wanted to say your very lucky to be there even though women cant do much its just filled with so much culture and history and its an amazing place with a lot to offer(well not for women lol)
    i just wanted to stop by and let you know how you lucky you are to be there and how much i envy you right now!
    and you can email at anytime being able to talk to you would make me feel closer to home my email is
    thanks n have a wonderful day :)

  42. Found this online yellow pages which had the map location of Aziz Mall and thought i'd post it here. :)

  43. Algeria has yet to have any mall coming close to this; I never was a mall shopper. But coming here I miss them!

    While KSA does have it limitations for women I would not mind having a maid and driver LOL and shopping all day:! =)

    Me too I love how the men HAVE the choice. While here there are no laws about veiling; pressure comes from society to. I know I never veiled before but I felt pressed to veil to 'fit in'.

  44. Hi Susie I just got the link to your blog from another fellow blogger- your blog is highly informative and I like the way you have kept it non judgemental about a culture that to me appears to be so repressive! BTW what do women do with the lovely things that they shop- they obviously canot flaunt it!

  45. hi susie,

    im a filipina nurse coming to jeddah for the first time this august and i thank you so much for your very informative blog about the malls, activities and basically updates from saudi arabia.
    although im an ex-saudi, meaning i have worked in saudi arabia before but in a more stricter area where malls and activities are limited, it excites me to go back and find all these things available within reach.

  46. Hi, I have lived in Jeddah for a year and my wife craves the next plane home.
    Yes, Jeddah has many malls but it doesnt have shops any better than a good town in UK; with UK you have the added advantage of being able to go for a WALK in the FRESH AIR.
    Its the little pleasures in life we crave; and look forward to returning to UK to continue them.


  47. Hello Susie,

    Sorry for my bad english I try to improuve it.
    Many thanks for all those informations about Jeddah I will left Luxembourg for JEddah in One mounth with my 21 mounth boy and 5years old dog !!!! So thanks so much


  48. Susie-- thanks so much for this post. My sister and I are heading to the malls for our first time today and found your post very helpful in choosing where to go.

    Also - thanks again for your comment on my blog about taking photos in public! Since then, I've taken many photos and haven't had any problems at all. Thanks so much for clarifying that for me!!


  49. Hi Susie,

    We are planning to move to Saudi later this year, so it has been a wonderful treat to find your blog.

    After years of being western-sized in Asian countries I'm more than a little excited by having the option to shop. Please tell me the stores in these malls stock clothes in 'western' sizes - I'm a US size 10 - 12. My husband is 6ft 6 and broad - do you know if he will have trouble buying clothes in Saudi? Also, is it more or less expensive than equivalent items in the USA? Should I stock-up before I arrive?

    Sorry for all the questions, but we're finding it difficult to get reliable info - any advice would be much appreciated

    Warm regards,

  50. Hi Susie, hope you and your family is well. I am a Muslim Convert (from Europe) and I have been a Muslim for 10 years Alhamdulillah. I really like your posts and as I will be going to Umrah, was doing some research about where to shop in Jeddah and found all your beautiful pics, very informative thank you! But I am looking for malls which have the 'women only' option, I have noticed a lot of comments regarding the 'segregation' between men and women, and of course I understand why being not Muslim it is difficult to grasp or see the benefits, great wisdom and beauty of it. I am a teacher of islamic studies, and I 'explain' about Islam to non-Muslims regarding different topics but especially topics related to women. I understand that you feel that 'there are not a lot of options available oustide the home for entertainment' for women, but let me tell you that as a Muslim woman I lived in London for many years and that there were ABSOLUTELY nothing to do as a Muslim woman there, only few conferences here and there, and we had to organise ourselves for outing which was extremely hard to do sometimes, providing that free-mixing is totally normal in western societies. Many of us would suffer from depression due to isolation, over-work (to be able to have somebody helping you with housework and the children is such a blessing you cannot imagine!)......... I can say that life started when I came to the Gulf and I now feel happy, comforted, safe, confident....and much more!

    thank you for your time reading my post and thank you for all your lovely pics about Jeddah!


  51. Thanks for this information and this is exactly I am looking for shopping malls. It is nice to know that shopping malls in Jeddah is the destination malls of Saudi Arabia. All the descriptions of the malls you had shared were very great and I am really admired with your blog.

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  52. It is very interesting blog I love shopping this is one of my hobbies. This shopping malls in Jeddah is very amazing I want to visit that place and make shopping there. But it is too far from me. Anyway I really enjoy visiting your blog and it was a big pleasure to drop by here. Thanks for sharing your experience and for posting those photos.

  53. I don't expect that in Jeddah Saudi Arabia you can find a great shopping mall like this. Thank you for informing us.

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  54. Wow, that is so beautiful!!! I wish the mall near me (the Bell - Georgetown) was this incredible. I'd absolutely love to visit these...

  55. Hi Susie,
    I'm Nour, and I'm a resident here in Jeddah too. I realize this is probably an old post, but I just wanted to say that there is much more than just shopping here at Jeddah. (I hope by now you found that out).
    You could go to the beach for the weekend, or go hiking, or like me and my family do on fridays, we get breakfast and spend the morning before dhuhur prayer at Kornish. You can also go to the Aquarium that just opened, or barbeque at the Mamsha near Hilton.
    Or you could pick up a copy of Destination Jeddah magazine - that's always helpful.
    I really hope your stay at Jeddah gets more interesting.
    All the best!

    1. Hi Nour - Thanks for your comment. This post is more than 4 years old, and yes, I have discovered that there is a lot more for women to do in Jeddah than shop in the luxurious and amazing malls here. Unfortunately it took a while for me to stop waiting around for my husband to help me enjoy living here or to take me places as it seems he has no interest in either one. I've written many posts since this one about some pretty cool things I've done and enjoyed about living here. Thanks again!

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  57. thanks for such a great piece of information. i have lived in Jeddah for 2 years and visited mall of arabia once. but i had no details about it. you did great and gave me a good idea about the best malls in jeddah. really thanks.
    You should also wrote about the problems that expat community face there. like iqama expiry, ictimara collection, medical insurance etc. I would love to read them.