Friday, December 20, 2013

Just for Laughs - Lost in Translation

One of the most amusing aspects of living in a foreign country is the written word - business signage, menus, misspellings, or translations into English.  Here is a variety of funny pics, some taken by me and others that found their way to me, that will hopefully make you laugh out loud.

Business sign:  "Sale of Chicken Murder" - no other words necessary

Menu item:  "Itch Salad" - Does that come with calamine dressing?

Men's perfume packaging:  "One Men Show"

Signage on mall escalator:  "Be aware of you're abaya and children"

Advertising billboard: "Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Clinic" - a popular service in Saudi Arabia?

In a mall:  "No Smoking" sign - with ash tray below

On the wall in a restaurant: Listing cities around the world - see Madrid on the bottom line

Handicapped parking sign in Saudi Arabia:  "If you want to take my parking, take my disability"

Business sign:  "Cock Brost"

Meat department in grocery store:  "Boneless Lamp" and "Lamp Meat."  Photo credit: April Tosch Jamjoon

Meat department in grocery store:  "Chicken Tights"