Friday, December 20, 2013

Just for Laughs - Lost in Translation

One of the most amusing aspects of living in a foreign country is the written word - business signage, menus, misspellings, or translations into English.  Here is a variety of funny pics, some taken by me and others that found their way to me, that will hopefully make you laugh out loud.

Business sign:  "Sale of Chicken Murder" - no other words necessary

Menu item:  "Itch Salad" - Does that come with calamine dressing?

Men's perfume packaging:  "One Men Show"

Signage on mall escalator:  "Be aware of you're abaya and children"

Advertising billboard: "Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Clinic" - a popular service in Saudi Arabia?

In a mall:  "No Smoking" sign - with ash tray below

On the wall in a restaurant: Listing cities around the world - see Madrid on the bottom line

Handicapped parking sign in Saudi Arabia:  "If you want to take my parking, take my disability"

Business sign:  "Cock Brost"

Meat department in grocery store:  "Boneless Lamp" and "Lamp Meat."  Photo credit: April Tosch Jamjoon

Meat department in grocery store:  "Chicken Tights"


  1. Amusing. But I think the disability sign is right on.

  2. I think the ash tray is under the no smoking sign so people can put their cigarettes they were already smoking out, instead of just throwing them on the ground or in the trash and catching things on fire.

    Also, I second the disability sign. I don't think that was an accident at all.

  3. Thanks for some good laughs.
    There is an equivalent sign in France for the parking space.
    The most recent one I sighted was amongst the slim cut trousers, some were marked SLIMY.