Thursday, June 5, 2008

I've Been Tagged: Let's Hope...

OK, I have been "tagged" by 3 of my cyber friends and fellow bloggers...

Aafke of "Clouddragon" Aafke has recently written some wonderful blog posts about the dress and customs of her native Holland that I hope you will check out.

Brandy of "American Muslima Writer" American Muslima Writer, who is from Arizona like me, lives in the UAE with her Lebanese hubby and their two kids. She writes some really thought provoking blogs about all different sorts of subjects.

Alajnabiya of "Climbing Walls" Climbing Walls by Alajnabiya is written by an American Muslimah who lives in Palestine. She writes about the frustrating and sad situation in her country, posts photos and videos, and I have learned so much about the struggles that go on there from her.

Here's what's involved with being tagged...


1. On your blog, post the Rules & 10 things you have HOPE for in your life.
2. LINK Tag to 5 people (we want hope to spread to people!) and LINK the person who tagged you.
3. Comment/Notify the 5 People they’ve been tagged.

10 Things I have Hope for in my life ...
1. World peace.
2. No more racism or discrimination.
3. An end to world hunger and suffering.
4. No more bullies.
5. Good health, success, and wealth for me, my family and friends.
6. No more corrupt politicians.
7. That George Bush and his gang will be brought to justice.
8. To live in a cooler climate, in a place like Gig Harbor, Washington, or maybe Holland.
9. Happiness for everyone!!!
10. To be a perfect size 6, and to be able to eat whatever I want.

And here is the list of victims I have decided to tag for this one:
(supposed to be 10, but there's no way I can do that many!)

- Cheela of "Through Irish Eyes"
- Chitra of "Always in the Kitchen"
- Umm Zubair of "I Have a Feeling I'm not in California Anymore"
- Eman of "Saudi Woman's Weblog"


  1. Thanks Susie,You've made me smile way too early in the morning!Now I have to think seriously how to answer.Five people? I don't even think five people have even read my blog!

  2. To be a perfect size 6, and to be able to eat whatever I want
    Uh... me too! If you find the secret, let me know about it! LOL

  3. No bullies, no Bush roaming free, and a size 6! Wowo what great hopes (and the other's too).

    By the way I chose 10 poeple to send it to because I just wanted it to spread and I knew people would pick their own number anyways but I was just sticking with the "10" theme when i wrote it LOL! I'm glad you finally did it and it's great! :)

  4. A size 6 might make me look to scary, but a size less would be good, tell!!!

    Always in the kitchen: will visit your blog! :D But have allready been tagged!

    American muslima: That was you? You're the one responsible for me puzzling for days worrying to make up a good list!?!?!?!

    Susie: good list! :)