Monday, May 12, 2008


Hi Family and Friends -

I just found out that I have been nominated as a Best of Blogs finalist in the Travel/Leisure category! Thanks to those of you who nominated me!!!

The Best of Blogs Awards bring recognition to smaller blogs like mine.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to vote for my blog.
I was unable to see when the voting ends, but the sooner you can do it, the better! Winners will be announced on June 2.

Here's how to place your vote for Susie's Big Adventure:

Click on this link:

You will see my blog listed there, 4th one down.

Just click on the spot in front of my Blog - it will add a check mark.

Then click on the VOTE button at the bottom of the blue box.

You can vote once a day !!!

Thank you for your vote!

Don’t forget to come back every day and vote for your favorite blogs!

That's all there is to it. I appreciate your support!!!


  1. AA- Susie,

    Congrats on the nomination! Keep the quality posts coming...btw, your campaign's working...seems like your winning by a landslide. :-)

  2. Ms. Susie this is beyond awesome. Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  3. I just voted 4 U. Hope u win

  4. Oh, Susie! You got my vote! I find your blog to be drenched in such riches of information and pictures... your amazing life is so beautifully shared here and I find it simply facinating!! Thank you for your kind comments regarding my 'failing school'... I couldn't hold my feelings in anymore that day and had to get up on my soap box. As for the frames around my pictures, those are just part of my template! They just happen automatically when I post a picture! I wish I knew how you could do it! Thank you for your visit, Susie! I get a kick out of 'knowing' you through Sheila and your blog. : )

  5. Susie, I wish I had seen this sooner! Congratulations. I love reading your blog.