Monday, October 20, 2008

The Best Birthday Ever

Yesterday was my birthday - the second birthday I have spent here in Saudi Arabia. I arrived here last year just two weeks before my birthday. Most Muslims do not really celebrate birthdays, or even remember them. So last year's birthday was very low key. We had dinner at my mother-in-law's, and my sister-in-law brought a cake for dessert, and that was about the extent of it.

This year was EVER SO MUCH BETTER! First of all, this past weekend (weekends here are Thursday and Friday), my husband took us to a resort out of town for three days and two nights - and it was so nice that I will do an upcoming post about it. (Hint: We had a fantastic time!)

So on my birthday, I slept late and then after my son got home from school, my hubby took us shopping and I got some nice new things, mostly clothes. Then we came home and freshened up and went out for a wonderful dinner at a favorite restaurant of ours with Adnan's brother and his wife and son. And then we enjoyed the best cake for dessert at the in-laws home, and my SIL had bought me a beautiful fancy costume jewelry set. It was a really lovely day.
But that's not all! There were some other things that happened that made it even more special.

My dear friend and fellow blogger from the Netherlands, Aafke, wrote a whole Happy Birthday post for me, with the greatest photos in it. Please take a look at Aafke's special post about me by clicking HERE. And don't miss her recentAdam and Eve post - it's hysterical!

If that weren't enough, one of the local English language newspapers here, the Saudi Gazette, published an article about bloggers, and I was one of the featured bloggers! The fact that it was actually published on my birthday was just a coincidence. You can read the whole article by clicking HERE.

And then I discovered that another blogger, TaraUmmOmar, had posted about me and the article in the Saudi Gazette. She condensed the article to just include the parts where I am mentioned. Read TaraUmmOmar's blog post by clicking HERE.

I also received many emails from friends and family wishing me a Happy Birthday. I honestly can't remember a birthday that has made me feel so special.

Thank you, everyone!


  1. Hello Susie, happy birthday to you! I hope you and the family are well, love your posts. Love you. Marcy

  2. Jeeeese, don't blow yourselves up with that cake! happy b-day susie

  3. So glad you had such a lovely birthday! I so enjoy your blog, your photos, and your kind comments on my blog! Happy Birthday (sana helwa ya gameela, hehe!)
    Take care :)

  4. The food looks delicious. Who baked this great chocolate cake. Looks very "gourmet." How old is your son?

  5. Hi Marcy! Thanks so much. Can you believe we are THIS old??? Love you too.

    Hi Cory! Adam was afraid his hair would catch on fire! The candles automatically fizzle out after maybe a couple minutes.

    Thank you, SaudiAustralia! I'm still celebrating, so you're not late!!!

    Hi Ajnabiya! Thanks! You are sweet.

    Hi Gutsy! The cake was from a local bakery and it was really the best I've had since I got here. And these Saudis LOVE their cake, so there are many places where you can buy real quality cakes.
    Adam is now 15 - he'll be 16 in January.

  6. Happy Birthday, Susie. It can be strange moving to another part of the United States much less moving to KSA. I read your previous post and think that you must have a very good relationship with your husband and in-laws and that you at least have the freedom to express yourself about your differences with the culture you're living in. It must be fascinating.

  7. Happy birthday, Susie! Just reading your post made me feel like I was having a good time too lol. I hope all your birthdays are this much fun.
    And I hate you for eating that chocolate cake without me. :)

  8. Happy Birthday!!.... its great you got featured in the newspaper. Your family treated you like a princess.. :)

  9. What a fantastic weekend Susie! So glad to that you had SUCH a nice birthday!

  10. Happy b'day Susie!

    Can't wait to read about your trip to the resort!

  11. Happy Birthday Susie! It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. I can't wait to read about your trip out of town.

  12. You are special Suzie! And most deserving of such a wonderful day!
    Happy Birthday again!

  13. Happy birthday, Susie! And congrats for being mentioned in the Saudi Gazette.

  14. Happy belated birthday, Susie. May you have a wonderful and prosperous life... full of love, joy and success

  15. Waaaaauuuuw!!!!!! What a cake!!!!!
    Happy birthday!!!
    :) :) :) :)

  16. Happy Birthday, Susie!

    I knew you were special from the first time I read your blog. You share birthday with my daughter :)

    And your son looks like your husband's clone! Isn't that so beautiful. I hope my sons grow up to look like their dad, Inshallah.

  17. Happy Birthday mine was on the 19th :)

  18. Happy Bithday Suzie!!

    I was very close friends with Tara while living in Bahrain. She was a lifesaver for me many many times.....


  19. Yaaaaay! Hope many more for you, Susie!! Mabrook :-D

  20. Sana helwa ya ja....

    I mean: Happy Birthday to YOU, SUSIE!

    Wishing you all the best from Oman, dear! :)

  21. Hi Susie

    Happy birthday to you! I once read on your blog that you know where to find sour cream in Saudi Arabia. Can you please tell me where? I have looked everywhere for it! :) thanks!

  22. Happy Birthday - sweet girl!!! I am soooo proud of you!

  23. Hi Cynthia -
    Thanks so much for commenting. I'm glad I can utilize my blog to try to reach undecided voters. A landslide victory will make it much harder for the Republicans to cheat again!

    Hi Arturo -
    You made me very happy! Thanks!

  24. Salams and a very happy belated husb is here from Saudia so needless to say i dont have time to read/comment.......have to take advantage of every moment he's here. I hope you enjoyed your special day and have many many more :)

  25. Oh Susie, I have been out of town and overly occupied, so please accept my belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your weekend away sounds like it was a great time for your family. And the crowning piece of the Gazette article was indeed a wonderful birthday gift. Blessings to you for many more!