Friday, February 12, 2010

Fame and Flattery

  few days ago I went into a shop here in Jeddah and the kindly clerk who assisted me recognized me from my blog. I was flattered - and surprised because I don't feel at all famous and I'm not, although Captain Kabob always calls me a ROCK STAR! I feel like I blog quietly in semi-obscurity within the confines of my somewhat gilded cage, so to speak. Writing is an outlet for me, a kind of therapy to help get me through the more difficult aspects of adjusting to life in this strange new world.

I certainly wasn't expecting the young man, himself a fellow blogger known as Mighty Dacz, to dedicate an entire post to me describing our chance meeting and what it meant to him. So I just had to share his lovely post with you and to thank him publicly for his kind words.

Please click over to Mighty Dacz's blog called My Kaleidoscope World and read his account - which made me blush. Thank you, Mighty Dacz - you made my day!


  1. Hey Susie,

    I just read your latest blog posting about your fellow blogger fan. It was the sweetest story!!! I believe when you make someone star struck, you are indeed a star!!!

    Another fan,

  2. It's always nice to hear you are appreciated! Sounds like a really nice guy. :)

  3. That is so cool! I left a comment on his blog.

    I wonder,how did your husband feel about your fame?

  4. Susie...I read his post. So sweet. You do have an impact on an awful lot of people, I hope you plan on doing this for a long time. Without a doubt, this is one of the most informative blogs I have ever read.
    Thank you!

  5. That's cool! What a small world, really. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, that is so cute Susie! He refers to your "mug shot" on your blog, lol!
    Susie forgive me if I am out of place but I wonder what your faith is? I know your husband has become much more practicing in his Islamic faith since coming back home, has he or his family ever tried to convert you? Do you have any religious beliefs? Are you able to practice them in Saudi? What do you think of Islam?
    Feel free to answer or not, if anything is too personal.
    I know you respect Islam, (and I know u know that not everything or perhaps MOST things in Saudi culture r Islamic)are you totally turned off to it because of the way it is practiced in Saudi?

  7. Since you seem to have so many fans, could you loan me a couple? (A few, that is, I don't necessarily need couples.) I promise to return them in good working condition.

    Nobody comments on the Veeds of Arabia blog. Maybe I should adopt the veil and then ... whoosh ... whisk it off for dramatic effect. However I suspect the secret to your blogging success is not simply your hijab/no-hijab look. I suppose it also has to do with your excellent writing, great photos and discussion-worthy topics ... while I simply dabble in wordplay and drolleries.

  8. Hi Susie,Your resilience and strength in living and dealing with your new life is an encouragement to many people.Never doubt that, my friend.

  9. Thank you very much Ms.Susie.Indeed you are a ROCK STAR...

  10. Hi Susie,
    How wonderful that you have such a fan club! I am certainly a fan of your blogs!

  11. Great post. I'm a big fan too. ;0)

  12. hi ms susie, OMG! i must say i really envy my friend mighty dacz, he's so lucky! anyway, im so happy for him and excited, he even metioned me in his blog! actually he's encouraging me to write my own blog but im not a good writer, im contented of reading blogs and to mr veeds, i also read your blog! but ms susie, u really ROCKS!

  13. Nice. You deserve the credit Susie. You are a great observer and communicator. Book deal? Oprah??

  14. Hi Mary - I thought the post he wrote was so cute, I just had to share it. Thanks!

    Hi Diane - It does feel good, in a slightly embarassing kind of way.

    Hi Queen - My husband is non-chalant about it, but his Saudi friend who was with us was shocked that this stranger knew who I was. It was pretty funny.

    Hi Lori - Thanks so much - that's so kind of you to say!

    Hi EyesSerene - Years ago, on my first big international trip, I ran into a client in New Zealand that I had sent on 6 month tour of the South Pacific. I had no idea I would be going on the trip when he left the states, and there he was, standing on a street corner as I drove by in a car. I have run into people like this on several occasions. It IS a small world!

  15. Hi Jessica - For lack of room and at the risk of repeating myself, to answer your questions, I would direct you to a few previous posts I have written at length about my religious feelings and beliefs ...
    Dear Susie
    Islam and Me
    Preserving Virtue and Preventing Vice
    Go Ahead Slap Me
    Hair Do or Hair Don't
    I hope these can answer your questions.

  16. Hi Veeds! Thanks so much for your divine flattery! I don't recommend the veil for you though - men have been arrested here for dressing up as women!!!

    Hi Always - Thanks for your kind words.

    Hi MightyDacz - The Man of the Hour! Thank you again!!!

    Hi Linda - Gee, thanks.

    Hi Angel - You're sweet!

    Hi Bob - You guys are so cute!!! Thank you so much.

    Hi UndercoverDragon - Wow - that would be nice. I guess I can dream... Thanks!

  17. I found you via GrannyJ's blog from Prescott, Arizona (Walking Prescott), and I live somewhere in California.


    ~Another Anonymous.

  18. aaawwwwww!
    his post about you was very sweet! we all love your blog susie!

  19. Susie:

    So glad I know a celebrity. In fact, I knew her back when. Actually, I have known her since the day she was born! I love reading Susie's Big Adventure.

  20. Dear S,

    I am glad that I know the real star IN PERSON! That guy was right - it's really you! You made his day. And reading that made mine.

  21. I'd been reading your blog for almost a year after my blogging friend Nebz introduced your site to our blogging community.

    I admire your fearless thoughts and articulate writing.

    Life is Beautiful, keep on blogging and keep on inspiring.

    BTW, i am proud to have you in my link as the only Non-Filipino blogger in my list.

    You really rock. A blessed weekend.

  22. NOOOOO!!!!!

    Don't you know the golden rule of blogging and the real world:

    "Never the twain shall meet"

    You've created a cross-dimensional portal that we must now struggle to close or else bloggers the world over will escape and attempt to get a life.

    You're playing with fire here missy.

    Let me begin damage control by publicly declaring that Mr. Dacz did NOT meet Susie. It was an imposter. Susie of Arabia only exists in the blogging world.


  23. I read the other blog- very nice tribute. We've actually met Susie, at a mutual friends house, but there were a lot of people, and I didn't know about your blog till later. I also am pretty sure I saw you at Caspar and Gambini's long ago. I didn'tknow who you were but you looked familiar (because I had met you at our friendws) -again before I discovered your blog. Next time I'll introduce myself!

  24. How cool is that!! For you and the fan!

  25. I understand Susie.
    Even as a Muslim I understand your feelings. You must be the most patient loving person to be able to keep cool with your husband.
    Why dont you post on that Susie?
    How it is that you are so respectful in situations that he pushes you into?
    Is it just this younger generation that weve forgotten how to be respectful and put others before ourselves?/
    All of us young ladies are like
    "dont take that" "run" "I would have left without him" "find the next plane out of there"
    Really Susie how do you do it? Is it like good old fashioned values or something? Does he meet you in the middle on most things?

  26. You have the gentle skill of diplomacy and the vested interests in a longstanding marriage and almost adult son. None of this happened yesterday. That alone gives you validity.

    Add to that the honesty and courage it takes to admit doubts and confusion while adapting to a completely alien way of life, where all your normal support systems are nonexistent.

    You have more raw courage and humanity in your gilded cage than the all the Princes of Arabia put together.

    Of course you're a star - you are genuine. And a valued voice.

    I'm a fan forever.

  27. Awww, that's awesome!! LOL Susie you are famous huh :-D

  28. Susie it was lovely meeting you yesterday! I thought this was an approprate post to make this comment on! :D


  29. That is so great!! I bet you were thrilled to meet him : )

  30. Oh thats so neat ! hehe mashaAllah your blog is very well know ;) GREAT blog by the way!

    Following you now :)

  31. Hi Susie,

    You look really beautiful in hijab and abaya.

    You look even more radiant without it.
    To be honest I hope it won't offend or upset you but the somber black of the hijab/abaya really does dampen your natural radiance.

    That is probably the intended effect of wearing the hijab/abaya.

    You look sadder and slightly more weary as well compared to your earlier photos.

    You have incredible strength and courage and despite what some say about you having a good life and family - it doesn't mean you don't or shouldn't have a right or reason to feel isolated and disenfranchised with situations you encounter and feelings you feel.

    Stay happy, positive and strong and remember, no matter where you go never allow a place to make you who you are and give you life - make it the other way around, make yourself the reason why the place has life and personality! :-)