Wednesday, March 3, 2010


My personal Gmail and my Facebook accounts have been hacked and someone is impersonating me online. If you receive any emails from me that sound suspicious, ask for money, or use poor grammar and spelling - it is NOT me!!!

I'm trying to straighten this out but since I cannot access my personal email right now, I wanted to get the word out.


  1. I am sorry to read this Susie. I hope it is straightened out soon.

  2. Susie, How scary for you. I hope you get the perp! umm Umar

  3. That's funny.....I got your Gmail email, and so I sent you a message on FB and got the same response. But it was weird, I knew it wasn't you because it didn't sound anything like you. Does not sound like a fun thing to have to straighten out, good luck and keep us posted!

  4. Wow! And I have just been mailing to you as you have been robbed in England and urgently need me to send you sopme m oney. I was actually looking into it but it sounded a bit dodgy so I asked you some security questions and while I am waiting for your answer I decided to look at your site to see why and when and IF you travelled to England.

    You should really get out there warning people!!!!!
    I was looking into how I could help you!

  5. so sorry to hear this !Hope things get better soon for u.

  6. Spelling was not too bad, but the lack of information and the asking of money was too suspicious.

    Not that I wouldn't send you whatever I could to help you out.... But i got no answer to my questions for details.
    And then asking to have it via Western Union is so typical....

  7. That happened to me about 2 months ago! Same thing! Gmail and FB Both need different passwords and you need to change both Often...Sorry, I know this doesn't help right now!
    Hope you get things worked out soon!

  8. Gah suzy I commiserate I hate knowing someone can go through personal emails etc and then to impersonate you!!! I have been hacked in the past several times, most recently in the last 24 hours, all my emails have been showing up as been read (while I was asleep and not online), I wonder how many were deleted,,,ummm. People who do this are pure scum to me its the same as someone stealing your hand bag and going through your very personal stuff. Hope it is resolved soon.

  9. OMG, I cannot believe this. I need to be more careful for sure, I hope this is straightened out.

    So how do I know if it was you who emailed me (no bad spelling etc, but scary).

  10. I feel for you! What a mess to straighten out! Good luck Susie!

  11. Poor Patty actually sent $850 via Western Union. I hope she gets her money back! At least you know you have great friends Susie. Best of luck trying to get everything resolved!

  12. Erica - How did you find that out? I can't access FB or my other email. Thanks.

  13. I actually talked to the individual on your facebook page! I had gotten the email and then saw this evening "you" were on. They were saying it was all true. I asked them for my father's name and was quickly unfriended!

  14. Hi Susie, right after I got that email I knew it wasn't you, I "skyped" Roy and Sandy and we talked about how to notify you, taking the time difference into consideration. Then Heather actually talked with someone pretending to be you on Facebook, but they quickly "unfriended" her, when she asked "what is my father's name". What a stupid nuisance. xxoo

  15. Hi Susie, right after I got that email I knew it wasn't you, I "skyped" Roy and Sandy and we talked about how to notify you, taking the time difference into consideration. Then Heather actually talked with someone pretending to be you on Facebook, but they quickly "unfriended" her, when she asked "what is my father's name". What a stupid nuisance. xxoo

  16. Thanks for letting us know. Will keep it in mind now.

  17. scary...hope it will be okay now...

  18. Susie, get a new mail asap, and get your facebook account deleted, these people can read everything you've ever written on mail and facebook, and also your friend's at facebook.

    I don't like facebook, the longer I have my account the less I like it.

  19. Oh Dang Susie! I JUST NOW wrote to you on FB trying to firm up our meeting plans. Hmmfff. I mentioned days and location- so we may want to change that. The only good thing was I forgot to add my phone number. Which of course means you can't call me- or rather the hacker can't.

    Oh, and sorry, I "unfriended" you. I was going to try to write on your wall that you were highjacked, but it was blocked.

    Do any of our mutual friends have your number? I'll try to find out and call you. Let us know here when you're sorted out!

  20. Scary indeed! I somehow had a feeling that everything is not ok, since you have been silent for so long. But YOU are ok, which is most important.

  21. Sorry about this unfortunate turn of events. I hope it gets straightened out; I wanted to ask your permission for linking to your blog and showing a couple of your photos on my blog; I am posting a recipe on Saudi cookies as part of our Arabic cooking club and thought it would be noce to show pictures of Al-Balad.
    Thanks so much!

  22. TERRIBLE!!! I came to your blog for the first time yesterday and was floored by your post that you had been hacked. I know of 2 other people whose Gmail was hacked. Is this a common occurrence with Gmail? Hope not.

    I liked your blog so much that I wrote about it yesterday and have included it in my blogroll.

    Good luck and best wishes. I hold only good thoughts for you, Susie.

  23. Hi, my name is Emma and I live in Sweden but will be moving to Riyadh in only a few days. I just wnat to tell you how much I appreciate this blog. I hope you'll continue writing forever and never let anything or anyone stop you. :)

  24. I got this very same email from my brother who was robbed in England and needs my help. Maybe you should look him up while you're there?

    I hope nobody falls for it. That's just so nasty.


  25. When I sent you an email, the hacker started an online chat with me! Here's what he/she said. I knew he/she was a hacker from the second line, which is why I asked such specific questions:

    Susie: hi there?
    me: hi
    Susie: how have you been?
    me: I'm fine thanks..and you?
    did you see the scam email?
    Susie: actually i sent it not a scam email
    me: really
    me: where are you?
    Susie: yes
    we are still at the hotel where we got robbed with no luck of getting back home
    me: what's the name of the hotel
    Susie: we are in Ally Huston
    we got robbed at a gun point in our hotel room
    me: which area of london?
    Susie: we are in north london
    in Kentish town
    me: There's no Ally Huston hotel in kentish town
    Susie: what we need now is just some financial help with getting on a plane and fly out of here
    me: give me your phone number and i'll call you
    Susie: phone got stolen during the robbery and its hard to get hold of a phone here plus its expensive
    me: give me the hotel number
    Susie: i should have call you if i can get hold pf a phone

  26. Hi Susie,
    I just got a note from you on FB- Fri.nite our time. Is it really from you?

  27. Susie, I am sooo glad to know you are okay!!! I just didn't feel the email was coming from you...Be Safe!!! JetSetMom.Cece

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  29. oops Susie nevermind the last article I sent can delete it..I thought you were talking about the website not e-mail..

  30. This is terrible news! Hope that the matter will be resolved soon. Take care Susie!

  31. well i am assuming the hacker first got hold of your gmail account which in turn led him/her to reset your facebook accounts password.

    Try doing few of the things mentioned in this link for getting your gmail back

    before its too late

    And this one for how to protect your email