Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadan Kareem

As Muslims around the world began this holy month of Ramadan, I wish all my Muslim friends and family peace, love, and prosperity.
Ramadan Kareem.


  1. Salam my dear Susie, I am very happy to say Ramadan Kareen to you and yours.

    xo Salma

  2. Ramadan Mubarak Susie! May you have a blessed month.

  3. Happy Ramadan. My fervent wish is peace!

    Can someone explain to me why it is considered virtuous for Muslims to go without food or drink all day, along with other earthly pleasures, then party all night and eat and drink in humongous amounts for a full month?

    Articles consistently show that Muslims go into debt making parties during Ramadan. They also gain a great deal of weight.

    ”…According to bankers and economists in Muslim countries, Ramadan almost always ushers in a month-long period of inflation as people drastically increase the amount of money spent on clothing and food. The prices of certain staples go up dramatically – according to a former Monitor correspondent in Cairo, during Ramadan a cup of tea can cost six times its normal price. However, economic productivity also declines because of the shorter working hours and the general malaise among those abstaining from food and water all day.

    Ironically, many people gain weight during Ramadan. They are more sedentary during the daytime, eat richer food than normal at the fast-breaking iftar meal in the evenings, and get the majority of their daily calories at night, shortly before they go to sleep…”
    Ariel Zirulnick, CSM

    Iftars, according to all reports, are over the top. It appears that everything one usually does during the day is done at night in great excess.

    What exactly is being sacrificed during a month of non-stop partying?


    Anyone have an answer?

  4. Salam dearest Susie. Wishing you and your loved ones Ramadhan kareem with much love and compassion. May all of us reap the benefits of this blessed month. :)

  5. Nasser from QatarAug 3, 2011, 2:46:00 AM

    Ramadan Kareem to you & your family Susies..

  6. ""Can someone explain to me why it is considered virtuous for Muslims to go without food or drink all day, along with other earthly pleasures, then party all night and eat and drink in humongous amounts for a full month?

    Articles consistently show that Muslims go into debt making parties during Ramadan. They also gain a great deal of weight." Marianne (again)

    Happy Ramadan !!
    Response to this post: Ramadan is NOT simply a time of "allnight partying" as was suggested IS a time for sacrifice and reflection..much food is prepared during Ramadan, and much is given to those less fortunate..that is a good is a time of giving, not getting..something many Americans could learn to respect...
    As for money spent, etc. Ramadan is , in a way, similar to Christas, where MANY Americans really go overboard and into debt, in order to have a joyous holiday for families, friends and children..the same applies to Ramadan festivities.many families spend more during Ramadan than at any other time of the year..but for good causes, in my opinion..guess it's a universal dilema to spend more during holidays..

    Have a completely festive, fabulous Ramadan !!! Enjoy Eid !!

  7. Once again Memee’s claim is not supported by the facts. Ramadan is a time of over indulgence and self-indulgence, similar to Christmas, except that it lasts one whole month.

    A study at King Abdulaziz University of Saudi Arabia shows: ”…One out of 5 indicated that their expenditure increases during Ramadan. Approximately two thirds of the respondents (59.5%) reported weight gain after Ramadan… 40% attributed that to types of foods being rich in fat and carbohydrates…One third (31.2%) indicated that it was due to relative lack of physical exercise in Ramadan and 14.5% referred that to increase in food consumption. Two thirds (65.2%) of those with increased expenditure reported weight gain… for a population which reports one of the highest prevalence rates of diabetes.”

    Nutrition expert warns uncontrolled eating during Ramadan can lead to weight gain and other health issues … Consumption of traditional sweets and dishes rich in sugar, fat and refined carbohydrates,… combined with a lower level of physical activity and a calorie-rich Iftar, can easily lead to weight gain…To counter the growing problem of undisciplined eating during Ramadan, the team of qualified dieticians and chefs at Right Bite have developed a wide range of traditional meals and sweets for the Holy Month…

    Sacrifice for the poor:

    Ramadan in Dubai: a month of soaring food waste?
    Dubai food waste jumps 20 pct in Ramadan • 1,850 tons of food thrown out in holy month in 2010 • Iftars at the top end venues are often exorbitantly priced

    Memee says: many families spend more during Ramadan than at any other time of the year..but for good causes, in my opinion”

    Vacations are good causes:
    Summer holidays, Ramadan and Eid cause financial crunches for familiesJEDDAH: Excessive holiday spending is largely seen as one of the reasons why many people get into debt.
    They splash out so much money over the vacation periods that they spend months afterward paying off the holiday bills. . .

    Memee says: ”….it is a time of giving, not getting..something many Americans could learn to respect…

    Giving instead of getting. Respect:

    Exorbitant rents leave many unable to spend Ramadan in Grand Mosque

    Where are the Islamic relief organizations?

    Ramadan offensive threatens Somalia's starvingAl-Shabaab insists that the famine crippling their families and communities is a "crusader" invention -- an excuse for occupation…Some people here now see Al-Shabaab as the architects of this famine”..

    Somali refugees: No food to break Ramadan fast

    In the meantime, AN reported that goats and sheep from Somalia were exported to the kingdom of humanity for Ramadan.

    To date the U. S. is the most generous donor to Somalia, followed by the Europeans. Statistics show that the U. S. and the American people are the most generous on earth, giving every time there is a natural or manmade disaster. They even give help to their enemies such as for the Iranian earthquake. The American tradition of volunteering, working without remuneration, has no equal in the world!


    1. Dear Marianne and friends.
      I am enjoying the debates here but unfortunately you are lacking facts too! If you are going to talk about something Islamic, reference the Qur'an. Not some random articles from the web and observations of what people are doing wrong. If we only mention what people are doing wrong, then the religion , the original message and teachings of the religion will be missed. It is easy to mention faults. Look for what the Qur'an says about Ramadan and fasting. And remember, Arabs are a small population in the Muslim world. There are Muslims all around the world with different practises and traditions. Including white Western Muslims....
      We can talk about how some Muslims are following wrong practises and how to change those, as well as faulty practises of Christians, Jews etc. But we can't say "that is what Islam is" or "that is what Ramadan is".
      The month of Ramadan is a time where the Quran was revealed. The message from the Creator to his Creation. Ramazan is for self reflection. "what kind of person am I? what are the things I am not doing right or not enough? How can I better myself?" It is a month of reviewing your mistakes, your sins, admitting them and asking for forgiveness by promising that you will work hard not to repeat them again. Nobody is perfect and Allah is the most merciful. It is a month of charity and hospitality. "who needs help? What can I do for them? What are the main social, economical etc issues around me and how can I contribute to the solution?" It is a month of humbleness. "I am nothing and Allah is everything. I am his humble servant and I am equal to everyone else!" Wastefulness is always forbidden in Islam. Showing off to others with food, clothes, expensive homes, cars etc... is disliked and discouraged by Allah. Spend 20 USD on something instead of 50usd, give the difference to charity or use it for something useful.
      These manners and thoughts we are suppose to focus on during Ramadan are essential for all year round. Not just for Ramadan!
      Being hungry is not the goal of fasting. It is to step away from daily desires, the blessings that we take for granted each day and learn the importance of them by experiencing the absence. Food, drinks, water, sex etc. We take everything that is given to us but how much do we appreciate it and say THANK YOU? How much do we share? How much do we give? You will only appreciate something truly when it is taken from you.
      Here are a couple of verses to support my letter. I am sorry that my English is not the best but I am sure you can read more for yourself. People are weak, ignorant and always make mistakes. It is part of our nature to make mistakes. Islam and other divine religions are sent to us to show us the right way. SO instead of just reading online articles about what people are doing wrong and how much they suck, maybe look at the real source, The Quran and find out what Islam is all about, why Ramadan is important, what is really means etc.. That will lead you to the correct information.

      Have a peaceful Ramadan and a good day!

      Here is a very good English Qur'an for those who are interested. My English mother and American husband love it:
      I will post some verses from the Quran on a separate post since I acceded the maximum character limit!

  8. Dear Mariannne - i share your concerns but as any other things in this world the bad always manage to outshine the good. the result of the research and their nos most probably accurate but they are not accurate reflection of true islam nor muslim. there are places where we eat less and we give more to others during ramadhan. but you may not find these people in fancy restaurant or hotels during iftar... the wiser muslims will do more to impress Allah in ramadhan for the promised rewards and barakah. the fools will try to impress their peers and family than anything else.