Monday, August 30, 2010

"There Is No Ground Zero Mosque"

Eloquent. Intelligent. Passionate. Keith Olbermann hits a homerun with his Special Comment in support of religious freedom called "There is No Ground Zero Mosque," which aired on Monday, August 23, 2010, on his MSNBC show Countdown.


  1. Susie...thanks for posting this, as I missed it. I agree with you totally.

  2. Wow, Susie! That was amazing! I didn't know the details of the controversy; thanks to you and Mr.Olbermann, I do know. I was never very impressed with him earlier, but after watching this, I want to cheer for him, very loudly.

  3. Hooray finally some sense. I just don't understand this baseless drama created by the right!?

  4. Great video. This whole issue is blown entirely out of proportion and is present only because of US mid term elections coming up.

  5. It's about time for the American media to wake up. Thank you Mr.Olbermann and thank you Susie.

  6. I don't know what Olbermann means when he says that Muslims are more likely, post the Sept 11th attacks, to be targets of terrorism in the US than non-Muslims. US hate crime statistics show that Jews and Blacks are the most likely victims of hate crimes in the US. There was a spike in anti-Muslim violence after Sept 11th but it went back to normal very quickly.

    If the name Cordoba had no meaning, why did they choose that particular name? Even the Saudis chose to host an interfaith dialogue conference in Madrid, Spain. For Olbermann to say it does not relate to the ancient Muslims conquest of Spain is odd and I think incorrect. The name was chosen for a reason, none of the backers are Spanish.

    I think the people have the right to build a mosque where they please. Still they want to send a message by calling it a cultural center (or whatever) and naming it after a place they never lived in. If if doesn't refer to Muslim Spain, what does it mean?

  7. Of course his commentary was made some time before the latest protests, etc. so it seems that those who should have heard him have kept their ears and minds closed.

  8. Hi I'm a long time lurker and have decided to comment by saying thank you for posting. It seems to me those who oppose the center don't really know why they do.

  9. Wow, Suzie:
    Thanks SO much for drawing my attention to this - I wouldn't have seen it without you. I'll be reposting it on my own blog!
    As always, love your work.

    PhilBee, NZ xx

  10. This man talks a lot. I am not against the conversion of an empty space into a religious place.
    What I really do not like of the whole situation is what follows:
    - Mr Obama did not agree, in 2009, to a chapel (catholic) to remember the deaths of 9/11.
    - Mr Obama had to make it public that a mosque was to be built calling it "ground zero mosque", making it obvious that the whole world would have imagined a mosque replacing the ground zero.

    I know that you will hate me now but I find this whole decision, a media desperate move of Mr Obama to gain media attention on something which is not his flop in fixing the real issues in the US.
    PLUS, why this guy feels that he can defend a religion and attacka another? Why is such hypocrisy? I am catholic and I ensure you that everybody talks openly about how filthy the Vatican is BUT hey, never say that Islam has been used and abused as much as (and for much longer) Christianity. With the difference that the pope is ignored by the President of the USA (have you seen him giving the same respects that he did to the King Saudi? If so, send me the video) but hey, we all have to bend over when it comes to Muslims.

  11. Imam Rauf himself called it Ground zero mosque initially.

    they stopped it, only after the controversary.

    It was Cordoba initiate.

    Then it became
    Muslim community center

    Park 51

    This building would have been a thriving Burlington Coat Factory store if 9/11 would not have happened.

    Only because of 9/11 and a tire from one of the aeroplane landed on this building, this building was sold cheaply.

    So muslims are profiting by buying this building cheaply due to 9/11

    So imagine someone sets your home on fire and after that comes and offers a cheap price for half burned building...

    Islam should be watched carefully for its stand on Apostasy, Sharia ...
    religious apartheid in Makkah/Madina..
    (remember Jewish people were living in Makkah/Madina for hundreds of years before Mohd was born..
    but now they are banned to even enter those cities)

  12. To anonymous, your comparison is incorrect.

    Yes, the building was sold cheaply, and they bought it, because there's something called a budget.

    It's like blaming Americans for buying cheap houses due to the stock market crash. If you find a deal, you find it.

    And, if you didn't know, there were around 400 MUSLIMS that lost their lives in 9/11 as well.
    Please do your research.

  13. To the previous anonymous:
    I was on the side of "we are overreacting" until I heard the Imam in question on NPR. It was an interview shortly after 9/11 where he said America was “an accessory to the crime" because of our policy.

    He doesn't sound like he has too much sympathy for those 400 muslims who died in 9/11.

    They are getting a bargain on the land because of what terrorists did. They don't condone those terrorists, but I doesn't sound like they condemn them either.

    I think we should let them build the mosque. Someone needs to be the bigger man. And from the endless fighting that goes on in the middle east, it doesn't sound like anyone else has that ability.


    Schmoozie, feel free to correct me if I got any facts wrong.