Saturday, January 29, 2011

Protests in Jeddah After the Flood

With the eyes of the world watching the events unfolding in Egypt, citizens of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, also staged a peaceful protest of their own today in reaction to this past week's severe flooding of the city caused by unusual torrential rains. It appears as though nothing much has been done since last year's horrible flooding, nor has anyone been held accountable for the bad city planning and corruption which is to blame.

UPDATE 29JAN2011 - Well it's no surprise that the original video has been completely removed from YouTube. On Feb. 6, I found another video which is now posted - we'll see how long this one stays up on YouTube.

For more insight on the desperate situation in Jeddah due to the flooding, please read this post on Haphazard by a fellow blogger.


  1. Hello, regarding the happenings in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere I would like to recommend to you and your readers an article about the mass uprising in Tunisia and the perspective of permanent revolution.

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  2. Hi, Susan!

    My name is Ana Lucia, i'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've had no idea of what was happening at Jeddah! I'm very sad with these pictures! I already suffered with this: i've had to miss two days at work, because i couldn't go out of my house.

    I hope the Jeddah people can find strenght to support all this. And i pray for them to reconstruct their lives as fast as possible!