Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Al-Hijaz Mall Re-launches With a Whole New Look

 From the Omar Abubakr Balubaid Group

Jeddah:  Al-Hijaz Mall recently re-launched its new updated appearance, including major structural renovations.  The opening ceremony was attended by families, businesswomen, and visitors, and guests, including representatives from Al-Fasailya Womens Welfare Society. 

 Mr. Abdulla Jabran Al-Ghamdi, Mall Development Manager of the Omar Abubakr Balubaid Group, said, "Al-Hijaz Mall is one of the oldest shopping malls in Jeddah, as well as one of the busiest places for shoppers looking for designers and name brands in jewelry, fashion, and textiles.   The second phase of the renovations will include the development of a food court, a play land, and a bazaar area. We extend our appreciation to Al-Fasailya Womens Welfare Society for participating and assisting with our ceremony and their efforts to make this event successful."  

Al-Hijaz Mall, formerly known as Souk Alhijaz, is located in Jeddah's Al-Bawadi District.  The mall consists of two buildings connected by a bridge and it houses about 150 stores.  The mall sponsors campaigns, festivals and annual events, such as Spring Holiday, Back to School, Ramadan, Summer Festival, and more.  Al-Hijaz Mall would like to welcome all shoppers to come and enjoy its new clean and modern look.    

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  1. Also in Doha there are so many new malls that are going to be ready soon. I'm from Italy and this idea of malls is hard to accept for me! I used to go outside, looking shopping windows along streets! But I know, this is another country and above all there are other temperatures! I know that we need close place in ME!
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