Sunday, March 23, 2014

Let's Protect the Rights of Men! Yeah, right...

File this one under B.S.  I cannot believe that the Saudi Gazette would publish an opinion piece like this one, a truly blatant piece of vile rubbish.  THIS is the male mentality that the women of Saudi Arabia have to deal with...

Reprinted from Saudi Gazette Newspaper

Let’s protect the rights of men!


Last updated: Thursday, March 20, 2014 8:01 PM

Saleh Bin Sabaan
Makkah daily

A female television broadcaster who is also a women’s rights activist recently spoke about the phenomenon of violence against women in Arab societies. While demanding an end to this phenomenon, she said that female victims of violence suffer from various psychological disorders.

However, no discussions took place on the violence perpetrated by women against men. Is there any organization to count the number of men who have been subjected to violence and harassment from women? Every one of us – both men and women – know that a large number of men have been put behind bars simply because of women. They include murderers, thieves and corrupt officials. There are large numbers of men who have lost their dignity at the hands of women, have become mentally unstable, have committed suicide and have even become addicted to drugs.

Why do we not count these as examples of men who have been victimized by women? I recently read a warning from a women’s rights activist that there has been an increase in the number of men in Arab society who have become victims of assault and harassment at the hands of women. I think that the harassment caused by women is more harmful because it falls into the category of mental harassment.

Women resort to lies, manipulation, conspiracy and tricks that they employ in all occasions and situations. A woman will use words, tears, laughter, fake illness, and whispering to deceive her man. All of these are the sources of her strength. A woman outshines man in this respect because she has more control over her emotions and sentiments than a man does.

If you look at any food channel, you can see that most professional chefs who show their expertise and talent in the art of cuisine are men, even though cooking is supposed to be the duty of women. In general, women suffer from an acute shortage of creativity because they stick to the ground reality. Women are not typically inclined toward adventurism and experimentation. On the other hand, a woman is more dedicated to consumption and materialism. She is content with possessing things and simply keeping them without taking advantage of them. If you have a look at her “treasures” in the cupboards and trays of a kitchen, you will understand my point. For instance, it is futile to assume that she might spend half of the value of kitchenware on buying books.


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    1. Hi Susanne - The really sad thing is that there are men who really feel this way and are impeding progress for women in this country. It's hard to believe that their vision of the situation is so distorted and they cannot see how they are lumping ALL women together because of a few bad experiences. Broadly generalizing is never good.

  2. Bwa, ha, ha,... I have a lot of cookbooks.................

  3. With all due respect to men (I am a man), people typically don't like change that doesn't benefit them. And men who have had their egos coddled their entire lives are typically even worse about it.

  4. Oh wow, I am just speechless! This is the most ridiculous thing I have read in LONG time and considering that I read quite a lot of stuff online, that says a lot! Simply pathetic and unbelievable to think that there are idiots out there who think like that and who even manage to get published!!

  5. My heart is breaking for the "murderers and thieves" who have been "put behind bars simply because of" the women they murdered and stole from.

    The male prerogative for education in Saudi Arabia sure was wasted on Saleh bin Sabaan.

  6. The idea is not that bad. There's a huge chapter in violence of gender which sees involved females against men and here in the west it's underestimated cause it's not good for selling newspapers. But it's something serious about women who start being offensive to their husbands and make it a big story in front of the children. Abusive women is a serious issue. Just the guy in the article writes about it as a joke.

    1. Here in the west, it is catalogued and noted. The idea that 'it's not good for selling newspapers" is inaccurate. The guy in the article did NOT write it as a joke - he wrote it just like the men did in INdia in their response to the woman who was raped and killed on the train. Male posters from India claimed that the woman should bear some responsibility for her rape and murder. THEIR claim was something to the effect that "she should have appealed to them as a sister to a brother or as a daughter to a father". I'm not from India - It seems to me the gist was that these men - who were NOT THERE as witnesses, were accusing this woman of arrogance - of failing to be humble as a woman should be.
      I see this article as coming from a very similar point of view.


  7. I am seeing similar comments coming out of India, East Asia and also in the US.

  8. I would LOVE to email this guy and give them a piece of my mind. This Army Veteran female would simply LOVE to set this narrow minded A.H. straight.

  9. There was a very interesting news report on the Channel 4 evening news programme here (in the UK) a couple of evenings ago, which left me (even though I have lived in Jeddah myself, albeit quite a long time ago now, so am aware of some of the more bizarre customs and laws there from a western perspective) which left me slack-jawed with incredulity.

    I will understand if you don't want to publish this comment in your blog, because it may well be quite sensitive if read within the Kingdom; perhaps you are already aware of what I am about to relate, as even if not widely-known there (or censored) it will surely be known to some. The news segment consisted of a video clip made by two young ladies, both apparently daughters of the King, from within their palace compound in Jeddah, where they have been told by their father that they will remain there forever, so far as he is concerned, under quite difficult conditions (food supply cut off etc), until and unless their mother, one of the King's wives, agrees to return home to the Kingdom from London, where she fled to escape and now lives in exile. The news segment also showed quite a lengthy interview with the wife in London, although she was only shown from a side/rear position in shadow so her face was not visible. The interviewer was a regular from Channel 4, a young lady dressed in clothing appropriate for viewing without giving offence to devout Moslem viewers and no doubt not to offend the sensibilities of the wife being interviewed. She confirmed she would not be returning to the Kingdom, for her own protection, as she feared that should she do so both she and her daughters would simply disappear (or be 'disappeared' in reality), but she declined to specify precisely why she had fled, stating simply that it would shock anyone who heard the details, but it is maintaining the details confidential that is her only remaining 'weapon' against the King. It appeared from the video clip of the two daughters, who spoke in English (halting at times), over a Skype-style connection, that they they understand that it would be dangerous for them all if their mother were to return home and that her exile in London is their only modest 'guarantee' against a much worse fate - they ended by saying that whilst their own circumstances are extremely difficult, they know very well how much worse it is for many other women in the Kingdom. The realised it is quite possible that their internet connection will now be severed after having made their video, but stated quite forcefully that it was worth the risk. They seemed to me like quite sensible, level-headed young women.

  10. His argument seems rooted in the prevalent belief that women are conniving seductresses who cause bad behavior in men. Therefore men and society can only be "protected" by covering, segregating and oppressing women. These opinions and practices not only reflect unquestioned entitlement, but condemn men to perpetual adolescent behavior and incapable of mature thought. It's a staggering tradition where any expression of independence by women has to be quashed by men.

  11. OMG! What true rubbish and maddening crap this opinion is! Sadly, this is how so many males in the world feel. A weird view like this can sure help make it more dangerous to woman.

  12. Taking this subject outside Saudi and into the free world ... violence against men does happen and often men do not report it because of shame. Sound familiar? Anyway there are many men around the world who are beaten and abused by women including mothers, sisters, wives and girlfriends. This Saudi tale of woe is ridiculous as are most things in the segregated world but violence and abuse against men does exist so we shouldn't just laugh at it.

  13. This must have been an early April Fool's joke.

  14. lol. wow. my husband had to grade those men's essays at university level, believe me, they are capable of writing something like this, unfortunately.