Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Holistic Health Event Tomorrow


WHEN:   Thursday, March 6th, 2014, starting at 10 am

WHERE:  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Your True Nature "YTN" and Holistic Juicy Living "HJL" fuse together to bring you unique services, products and courses. We invite all holistic enthusiasts to come by and visit our booth at the Binzager Compound in Jeddah.  Exclusive offer to come and meet with Holistic Nutritional Coach Hanane Serhan and Spiritual Life Coach and Healer Alicia Ali and receive a bonus consultation. 

Wholesome duo, Holistic Juicy Living and Your True Nature, proactively respond to lifestyle demand and unleash publications geared to catapult an uprise of the Global Holistic Movement in Arabia - an EXCLUSIVE preview of UPCOMING self transformative titles now available to ATTENDEES ONLY!

Key themes aim to target the holistic conscious audience covering Holistic Health, Spiritual & Self Development and will empower readers with POWERFUL TOOLS and and SELF TRANSFORMATIVE knowledge to bring desired results.

Women are demanding a health revolution as diseases are on the rise in Saudi Arabia.  Poor lifestyle choices, lack of education, spiritual emptiness, and a rise in OBESITY and DIABETES among women and children have reached startling numbers in the region.  Now is your chance to take action. 

Visit YTN and HJL on March 6th at the Ladies Business Bazaar at Binzager Compound- Don't miss this opportunity to personally meet the Holistic Duo of Alicia Ali, Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healer, and Hanane Serhan, Nutritional Coach and Detox Expert, in their VENTURE for HOLISTIC revival.

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  1. Wow Susie, that sounds and looks amazing. Diabetes amongst women on the rise that's interesting. If Saudi wants to segregate women and men totally which I think is totally unnatural then at least facilitate the women with women only gyms, swimming pools and other leisure environment activities. I was there in 2005 and could not find any whatsoever. What are women supposed to do for fun? Just stay at home cook clean? Things need to change and hopefully they will