Thursday, December 31, 2015

Share Your Polygyny Story

Are you in a polygamous marriage?  I would like to invite any woman who is or was in a polygamous marriage to share her story anonymously for an upcoming Marie Claire magazine article.  Your identity will be kept strictly confidential.  You can email your polygamy story to me at:

Please get your polygyny story in to me as soon as you can.  Thanks! 

I'd also like to remind you (women only) to participate in a short online survey about polygyny for the same upcoming Marie Claire magazine article.  

Participants in the survey can be any woman who is or was married to a Saudi man, or any single Saudi woman.  More SAUDI WOMEN, married or single, are needed to participate in this survey, so please share this with any Saudi women you know.  NON-SAUDI WOMEN and WESTERN WOMEN are also welcome to complete the survey.

The survey is quick, easy, and anonymous.  It literally takes one or two minutes to complete.  No personal details about you are required at all and can be taken in English or in Arabic.    

Deadline for the survey is January 5th, 2016.

CLICK HERE to take the survey in ENGLISH.

CLICK HERE to take the survey in ARABIC.

Marie Claire Magazine is a world renowned women's periodical, which focuses on women's interests like health, beauty, and lifestyle.  It first appeared in France in 1937 and today has many international editions.

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  1. I saw this survey in Arab News.I am very happy to see this article because this type of survey is very important in whole world specially in Muslim countries.

  2. Hi Susie, I love your blog. My British parents met in Saudi Arabia in the late 1960s and during my childhood in New Zealand I used to fantasize about going to Saudi Arabia as in my young mind it seemed a magical and exotic place. This was because my parents told me stories and showed me photos of Saudi and it was the origin of many of the unique objects in our house, including a camel saddle and a poufee and intricately carved tables. I love reading about your life in Saudi. I am married to an Iranian and have lived with him in Iran for a short time, but would love to return with our kids for a longer period. Keep up the blog, I so enjoy. Regards, Sarah. PS, you have spelt Polygamy incorrectly.