Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Family's Struggle with Autism

4-yr-old Sinan

With the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving coming up in just a couple of days, it's a good time to reflect on those things we are thankful for, like having healthy and happy children.

Fellow bloggers, Abu Sinan and Manal, are the parents of two beautiful little boys, Sinan and Sayf.

Four-year-old Sinan has been diagnosed with a severe form of Autism called PDD - Pervasive Developmental Delay. Treatment and therapy for this condition is expensive and many expenses are not covered by insurance.

This family needs your help to help pay for the expensive out-of-pocket costs for therapy necessary to help little Sinan.

Please read more about their plight on Abu Sinan's blog, where they have set up an easy PayPal account for donations. There is also a video there of beautiful little Sinan that you can watch. Getting Sinan the help he needs in at this point in his life is crucial.

If you are at all in a position where you can help this family out with a donation, I would urge you to do so.

And be thankful if you were blessed with healthy children this Thanksgiving...


  1. thanx for the post susie :).

  2. meaningful holidays are the best !

  3. We have over 50 students diagnosed with Autism at our school. I love working with them!

  4. A particularly nice picture of Sinan, and a nice final Thanksgiving picture and wish.

    As well as doing therapy with the parents of autistic children, I have friends with an autistic daughter whose schooling has proven to be an annual heartache of realizing that althougth she looks normal she is far behind her peers, and that her behaviours also impact on the social relationships and emotional comfort of her older sister. She is now 7 and in Grade 2 but function at the JK level, and her sister is a bright 9 year old in Grade 4. The autistic one was being beaten up by 2 boys in her class on the playground, and the sister told the teacher monitor, who did nothing except tell her to take the boys to the office (?) which she tried to do and got beaten up too. The parents are extra distressed because the teacher monitor is their daughter's special ed teacher!

    So many sadnesses with children with any form of brain disorder.

    I do wish Sinan the best.