Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Arabia 3-D Movie

In February 2010, a new film called Arabia 3-D was released and is being shown on a limited basis in some IMAX Theaters. This is the first film ever that was totally shot within Saudi Arabia. From the depths of the Red Sea to its ancient ruins to covering the largest human assemblage on earth, Arabia 3-D offers a rare glimpse into the mysterious desert land of Saudi Arabia. It is narrated by British actress Helen Mirren. Rich in culture and steeped in history, religion, and tradition, this film is a must-see for those wanting to know more about one of the most misunderstood and secretive places on earth. Arabia 3-D is a visually spectacular masterpiece which can hopefully dispel some of the negative images that many Western people have about Saudi Arabia.

Arabia 3-D was the brainchild of a young Saudi filmmaker, Hamzah Jamjoon, a graduate of DePaul University's Fine Arts program in Chicago. From start to finish, the film took three years to make. There were some unique problems. Since Saudi Arabia has no film industry at all to speak of, government rules and regulations had to be invented along the way to provide for the making of the film, as well as bringing in professionals from 17 different countries around the world to produce the film. The extreme heat also had to be taken into consideration and special refrigerated trucks were employed to cool down the crews and the cameras themselves.

Although there are no movie theaters in Saudi Arabia, Jamjoon hopes to erect some temporary theaters to be able to show his film in his homeland to his fellow countrymen (and women too, I hope!). Here is a review of the film and below is a short movie trailer.


  1. WOW! Sounds like it's going to be spectacular, can't wait to see it!

  2. Wow! can't wait for it to come out! A couple of months ago there was the Europen Film Festival , here in Jeddah. Movies from each country were shown at their respective consulates, on big screens. Most of the movies were shown at this outdoor cinema thing at the Italian Consulate Center for Culture. It was pretty awesome! If they show this film like that I can't wait for it to come out!

  3. G'day Susie,

    The movie looks stunning,if it shows in a cinema in Australia I will go to see it.

    While watching the trailer I felt a deep pang in my heart that a country so rich in culture and beauty should hide and abuse one of it's best assets: the women.

    How different it could be if equality were the norm. Liberty and joy for all to experience.

    I am not implying the west has all the answers, I am just saying how wonderful it would be to visit and enjoy all the splendours KSA has to offer.

    Camel rides in the desert by the pale moon light, afternoon tea in a fully decked out bedouin tent Tasting the myriad of delicious spicy foods. Smearing oneself with attar of roses after spending a day in the hot sun...sigh I could go on.

    I had a sniff of some of the rose perfumes at the airport in Dubai, just gorgeous.

    I would be too scared to visit in case I did something wrong unwittingly and got arrested and lashed.

    Cheers Aussie Lady

  4. Looks Very interesting. Such a country of contrasts.

  5. Oh Susie that looks spectacular!!!

  6. The video reminds me of the old Cinerama movies a generation or 2 ago.

  7. This will certainly be something to see! Thanks, Susie! I love Helen Mirren as well so a double good!

  8. Anonymous, who are you to say "hide and abuse"
    I am a proud saudi woman, not abused but respected as per my religion.Hiden??? maybe not used as meat on display like the west, but surely I don't feel anyone hides me!!!!!!!


  9. Thanks for this video Susie! I feel so happy to see someone, visually, want to show their heritage and share it with the world. It also proves that the arts for Saudis should not be closed to them...

  10. I'll have to look for it. Hopefully it will be released in the USA.

  11. The film makes KSA look so beautiful and wonderful machallah! But as just reading your blog we know it's not it's cracked up to be! but all the same would love to see the film!

  12. The film makes KSA look so beautiful and wonderful machallah! But as just reading your blog we know it's not it's cracked up to be! but all the same would love to see the film!