Saturday, June 5, 2010

Awesome Arabic TV Commercial

Most commercials here in Saudi Arabia are lame and incredibly annoying (like many elsewhere in the world) but once in a while they get it right. The commercial below is for a phone company here called Zain. Every time this commercial comes on the TV here, I always stop whatever I'm doing to watch it. Zain named this commercial "Silent Beauty," which I believe is the name of the accompanying song. The graphics are colorfully creative and awesome, and the music is elegant and haunting. The version here has English subtitles, and I've also included the written lyrics below. I don't know who wrote the words of the poem/song, but poetry is a huge part of Arabic culture and history.

Did you see the sun lighting up the sky,
Nourishing life with its radiance and rising above?
I called out to it with the songs of my voice...
But it wouldn't speak.

Did you see the flowers bloom in spring?
Their beauty captivates the heart,
and quenches its thirst.
I reproached them for being away too long...
But they wouldn't speak.

And then in the distance I see
A beautiful girl playing with her dolls.
I asked her why she plays alone,
But she couldn't speak

Then I realized after all of this...
That we've become blind to the truth.
So much beauty is around us
But it cannot speak.
Beauty everywhere.


  1. like your post, btw zain in arabic means beautiful. so the commercial suits the company.

  2. that was such a beautiful commercial

  3. When it comes to commercials, no one is better than Zain Saudi Arabia.

    They are very good and they always do brilliant commercials, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

    And the best thing is that they aren't using any songs, they aren't using any musical instruments. They are using "Anasheed' which is like a song but without music, and the lyrics doesn't involve love stories and other stuff we keep hearing in the sick songs these days,

    Check out Zain SA old commercials, they are very good:

  4. So this is what it was. I heard part of it when I was coming home but it was over before I knew what it was.

    Thanks susie.

  5. This is a commercial for a phone company? And it is all about NOT speaking? alriiiighty then!

  6. Hi March4ward - Thanks - I really didn't know that. I always hear "Helwa" so much!

    Hi Mechal - Thanks for the links! Zain must have a brilliant marketing department...

    Hi Queen - Rather ironic, isn't it? But I've got to hand it to them - the commercial is a winner.

  7. Wow, so creative! As an elementary school teacher, it gave me the idea of creating flower paintings with students' hands! Thanks!

  8. Awesome love it.
    Zain means good too :)

  9. It's more than advertising. It is ART.

  10. Gorgeous...and pointless as a commercial.

    I don't use Zain, though I certainly would if I could figure out a way to drop that most annoying of all service providers, Mobily.

    But not on the basis of this ad.

    What I'm looking for in a telecoms provider are two things: 1) reliable service/coverage, 2) good customer service when I have a problem or question.

    This "ad" does nothing to assure me that Zain can offer anything more than STC or Mobily.

    Sorry art lovers: do you want beautiful images and great poetry...or good telecoms service from your telecoms provider?

  11. Danke sehr an den Autor.

    Gruss Daniela