Monday, June 6, 2011

Honk for Saudi Women

Upload your own "Honk for Saudi Women" video to YouTube and then email the URL to: - make some noise by honking for Saudi women!


  1. I have my doubts as to whether any outside “assistance” or support towards women’s rights in Saudi will do a bit of good, Susie. After all the Saudis have been censured by human rights groups numerous times and have always thumbed their noses at these.

    They claim sovereignty and want the world to mind its own business. Still, they do try to interfere in the laws of other nations by demanding special, Islamic “rights” for Muslims: The veil, halal food, time off for prayer, etc. The Saudis simply seem to believe that they are superior and singular in their righteousness.

    Unless and until the Saudi women demand and fight for their rights, they will never get them because, their men do not want to give up the little power and prestige that they have. Once out in the real world, these men are no longer powerful or respected—wealth or none.

    It is up to the women themselves to garner their God-given rights. No one can do it for them!

    Until women get their full, equal rights, Saudi will always be behind.

  2. Marianne - The good that this project will do is to show support for Saudi women and to bring worldwide attention to the issue.

  3. I am very proud of these women. I hear they are demonstrating again today in KSA. This is wonderful.