Friday, February 1, 2013

Mad Traveler's Quick Look at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Toni Riethmaier, manager at the beautiful Il Villaggio Restaurant here in Jeddah, sent me this video which he had a hand in producing. 

It is a lovely short film shot around the city of Jeddah, showing the Corniche area which runs along the Red Sea coastline and the old part of Jeddah called Al Balad. 

The video also shows a few of the sculptures around Jeddah, which I have highlighted many times on my blogs. 

It's interesting to note that the guide of the video is a man dressed casually in a T-shirt and shorts - acceptable attire for men here, while women must cover up everything but their faces and hands.

It's a great quick look at the city I live in. 


  1. Very interesting but I must say, it really does NOT make me feel like visiting the place. I find the sight of those women covered in black from head to toe absolutely depressing and actually reminds me of a horror movie I saw once! Also where is everybody during the day? Everywhere looked so abandoned and like a ghost town somehow?!

    1. I have to say that sometimes the streets are overrun with traffic and people, and other times when it is much quieter. It might have to do with prayer times, school being in session, etc. I still am not used to seeing all the women dressed in black after five years here... The video does give a nice little introduction to what Jeddah is like.