Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Saudi Women Want to Drive


  1. It's unfortunate that the argument against women driving is still partly being attributed to her being 'without a mahram'. Is the alternative better? Most women go about their days with either:
    a) personal drivers - not mahrams
    b) "mishwaar" drivers - not mahrams
    c) taxi drivers - not mahrams

    I personally believe that even if it is culture (because I do feel that is largely changing)... it is also going to be a huge logistical issue.

    Women Jails? Women Police?

    I sincerely hope that if not me, my children do experience driving in the beautiful city of Jeddah! :D

  2. Hey Susie! Maybe there is a crack in the foundation that can open up this culture in a way that will finally treat women as equals. As usual, I cannot understand why, in 2011, they put up with this...I guess being arrested every other minute is a good reason. Are the men who support their wives (being able to drive etc.) afraid to be public about it? Old traditions...not a good enough reason for me. Worse than sad. I could not live there for all the money in the world.

    Hope all is well and that you are still over here breathing!