Thursday, September 15, 2011

Arab News: Blogging About the Saudi Experience

Arab News just published an article which interviewed four female bloggers who blog about Saudi Arabia.

I am honored to be included as one of the four bloggers.

The other three bloggers are my friend Carol at American Bedu, Laylah who writes Blue Abaya, and American Girl, author of Under the Abaya.

It's a really well written article about four women who are at very different points in their lives.

Please have a look.


  1. Susie, you're now getting more popular. Congratulations and may the blessing of the good Lord be with you always!

  2. Thanks for posting this Susie. It was a great article!

  3. Congratulation !

  4. It is great, and thanks for sharing, now I read those other blogs as well.

    I wonder if you have seen this article about pole dancing in Saudi, I wonder if it will catch on!