Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saudi Weddings

I know you will enjoy reading these three posts by fellow bloggers Qusay, Nidal M, and Layla, who explain in detail about weddings in Saudi Arabia. Men and women in Saudi Arabia generally have gender segregated weddings, with separate events for men and women. Unfortunately you will never see what the woman's side of the wedding ever looks like. While Saudi women dress to the nines when they attend weddings, cameras are generally not allowed because the women inside are not properly covered. But trust me, the Saudi women go all out with expensive sexy ballgowns, heavy makeup, and glittering shoes and jewelry.

Qusay's post, called "Saudi Arabia Jeddah Weddings," talks about the wedding process and traditions, and also has a link to a wonderful wedding video (men only, of course) which features the music, the dancing, the joy, and a very handsome groom.

Nidal M's post, "Weddings in Saudi Arabia," has fabulous photos along with his charming commentary from various weddings he has photographed. You will be delighted when you view his photos. You'll gain an insight into a world that very few outsiders ever get the chance to see.

Layla of Blue Abaya recently wrote a very engaging, entertaining, and endearing minute-by-minute post about her first huge Saudi Wedding Extravaganza. I found myself laughing out loud at some of her descriptions of the evening's events.

I wrote a post quite a while ago describing "My 1st Saudi Wedding" I ever attended here. Of course, no two weddings are ever the same. Each one has its own uniqueness that the bride wishes to include in her special day.



  1. All I could think of was "is this for real"???? It certainly was the first time I had my purse and person patted down to ensure I did NOT have a camera. How I wished I was an artist and could have drawn some of the outfits/costumes/gowns/airbrushed make-up/wigs/theatrics!!!

    I have attended two weddings in KSA and consider myself very fortunate that one of them was a very major one.

    I felt sorry for the bride who was carrying a dress that was much to heavy for her. It is also sad that she misses much of the festivities of her own wedding.

    I was shocked at the feeding frenzy that happened when the buffet was announced. I have never seem women push and shove each other to get at the food and then to have plates tower with food that was often left uneaten on the plate.

    I wish I could have recorded the amazing drumming and singing of the female musicians ... music that still haunts me today with it's beauty.

  2. I wish we could see the women. And from the previous comment,also listen to the music.

  3. I have been to weddings and would confirm the comments on the dresses, dancing and music.

    The feeding frenzy is astounding - in the weddings I have attended, the food wasn't available until late on in the ceremony but once it was presented, off the guests went to pile up their plates. I usually leave at this point because it marks the end of the evening.

  4. Wendy - I have had very similar experiences as you. Thanks for commenting.
    Gaelyn - I always wish that I could take photos at these weddings. The women are stunning - some in a good way and some in a bad way - but it is totally forbidden to take photos of them. The music has been so loud at the weddings I have been to that I couldn't really enjoy it.
    Visitor - At a couple of weddings I went to, the buffet wasn't opened up until 3am - who wants to eat at that hour? I like to eat an early dinner because I cannot lie down with a full stomach.

  5. I did not want to stay for the buffet but my host wanted to. It was served well after 2 a.m. and I couldn't have eaten if you paid me but watching the women fall on the food totally killed my appetite.

    I may have been very lucky with the 'band' of women. Just drums and amazing voices singing very old tribal songs. I am still haunted to this day by the beauty of it. Now I remember that it was loud because my host suggested I make some little plugs with tissue for my ears. It was the sound system that was at fault. One of my Saudi friends tried to find a CD of these women and came close so I have some of the music with me.

    There were so many interesting things going on ... the dancing of the guests, the parade of women on the catwalk showing off their gowns, etc. I can't imagine how much money was on the bodies of the female guests. :)