Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf Video with Women in Saudi Arabia

American-born Sheikh Hamza Yusuf became a Muslim in 1977 and has studied Islam with scholars from around the world since that time. He is one of the most visible and respected Islamic leaders in America and founded the Zaytuna Institute and Zaytuna College, both in California, to provide Islamic education for those desiring it. He also leads religious pilgrimmages called The Sacred Caravan to Saudi Arabia to visit the holy sites of Islam each year.

I think you will find the videos below (Part 1 and Part 2) of this frank discussion of Islam and how it relates to women quite interesting. In the videos, Sheikh Hamza meets with a group of women in Saudi Arabia. Much of the discussion centers on how the interpretation of Islam in Saudi Arabia is perverted (for lack of a better word) and how the practise of Islam in KSA is not necessarily what the religion intended.


  1. Thanks Susie for the video. I love Sheikh Hamza, and wish I were among the group.
    I love what the lady said about how "the SA is a bad role model of Islam"... and It is so true that converts say "I'm glad I knew Islam before I knew muslims" !! very shameful!! yet sdly true!
    He's the sweetest man ever, feeling the suffering of his wife with her hijab especially abroad.
    I love the egyptians women's response to the hadith about how Satin manipulates women..." DEAL WITH IT! be worn...lower you gaze!" that's the way it should be. after all it's the men's problem. women shouldn't be oppressed and locked up just because men can't control their urges. we're not animals!!!
    I like the way he explains sharia.. "much of it is human attempts of understanding divine principles which creates a diversity of opinions, no one can say my way of believing Islam is the only way!"
    I also wish more women would get into the of study Islam. We need the woman's voice to start influencing sharia
    - " the primary role of women is child birth"..where is that in Quran, I've never read a hadith that says that. the primary role of a woman is to know her Lord just like it's the primary role of a man!! why have I never heard a Muslim say this when I was born and raised Muslim!!!

  2. I've just watched both videos. What joy it is to listen to educated, considerate people. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Thank you for this amazing post, from a woman on the fence when it comes to hijab! The second video was very, very enlightening. JAK

  4. It was great. Thank you. I posted on my blog also.

  5. I love what they spoke about in both videos and how the sheikh's response was so clear and up to the point! I just wish everyone would see this amazing video, especially closed minded people. I also agree on what the sheikh said about people who enter Islam and say alhamdolilla i knew islam before i had known the muslims. It's very sad. But of course that doesn't generalize all the muslims. Thank you again for this educative post.